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Jess is in the Garden

Have tried Gumtree and eBay, with no success and wondered if anyone knew of a gardening website that allows members to put stuff up for sale on a board?

Thank you!

Heather Michaels

Sorry Jess don't know of anywhere. I guess you could always try one of those postcard ads at the local newsagent/supermarket. If that doesn't work a small ad in a local free paper and failing that there's always the car boot option.


Local boot fairs are probably best. If you advertise on the net you dont know who will be calling. Some genuine buyers but you never can tell.


I get brilliant gardening tools at v. good prices from my local Wisbech car boot. I think it costs the stall holder £5 or £6 to stall out. I would do it before Easter; that's when a lot of people get interested in gardening


you could try a postcard advert at the local allotments.


what kind of stuff Jess ?


If all else fails you could give them away to your local Freecycle people.


Just had another thought Jess - are you on facebook as you could put a posting on there stating the price you would like.  This has worked with some of my relatives.


There are charities that always want tools which they refurbish and send out to Africa.

Do you really have to sell them or could you give them away?

Green Fingered Mikey
Bargin pages is a good one jess I sold my old lawn mower on there its a paper you can buy from most local newsagents the range of things forsale is huge hope this helps google bargin pages as I think they may do it on-line now to.

Hi Jess - Try "Free Cycle" you post on there what you want to give away and people who want them just come round and collect. We have posted furniture and garden items and we have always had nice people come round and take them away



Steve 309

maybe there should be an exchange/sale/giveaway page on this site?

Jess is in the Garden

Thank you- no one interested in eBay. Must admit was surprised as it's almost new and worth a bit! 

I use free cycle frequently, bit for once would have liked to get a few quid for a good almost-new product- to buy some more plants with 

Jess is in the Garden

Yes Steve, I agree- a seed swap/tools for sale/plants to sell or swap - would be a fab idea!

Steve 309

There'd need to be some geographical coordination...

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