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I have lots of fencing panels supported by concrete posts.I want to run training wire along the fence but am worried that I will damage the posts if I drill into them. I know they have reinforcing steel rods inside and have heard they are brittle and may crack. I have seen a very expensive clamp product - over £3 from Riverglen. Anyone got any better ideas?



I'd have thought they would have been sturdy enough to take a small hole drilled in them Gold1locks, but maybe you'd be better attaching battens to the ends of the wooden panels instead and running wires through vine eyes fixed to those?

Hi Fairy the trouble drilling into conyposts is that you will probably need to use the hammer part on the drill ,this is the prob, but i would try a 5mm or 6mm mansony (concrete bit) with the red rawl plugs ,if you cant borrow one their about ??4 for a decent one ,a cheap one will not drill straight thats when they sheer off target and lumps of cony come off, if you have a smaller bit then do a pilot hole first at the base of the post just in case its not going to have it at all,if you do go to builders supply yard or iron mungers they will give you what you need, you dont have to pay the earth,what about borrowing a bit and just get the plugs to fit ,then you can get the eye screws to simply screw in, if it looks like its going to be ok remember to drill dead center,pilot first a little deeper than the plugs Or you can do what my neighbors do and shout "" Alan avyagotaminint """
good luck Alan


Never had the concrete posts but I know what you mean...a smaller pilot hole is what I would have tried and then increased the size. I suppose it's like drilling into tiles -same type of issue 


put the drill on hammer.with massonry bit and it will be fine . wear safety glasses then vine eyes and garden wire


We are Rivelin Glen Products who have designed and manufacture the Wire Anchors for concrete posts.  The price quoted is incorrect a pack of six is £15.50 and this includes free delivery.  Very simple to install in a few minutes, so will save you hours of work trying to drill the posts which have been known to spall. We also have a bracket which slots down the back enabling you to buy various size rings and hangers  for pots and hanging baskets. See us at

I have used these products, expensive but do the job.  However - be aware that for some older concrete posts you will/may need a Size 1 and a Size 2 per post as the slots on each side are not the same so always measure both slots in each post. In the past I've tried to force a Size 1 - it won't work.

£2.50 or £3.00 per anchor, it still ain't a cheap option if you have a long run to do! PS, I've just had a look at the website and they are £15.90 not £15.50 for 6.

If you're going to chastise others for getting the price wrong you need to be a little more careful.


KT53  Gwyneth's post is dated  Sept 2013 - I dare say the price may have gone up a little since then

We try to keep our prices as low as possible and all our prices have free delivery.  Unfortunately the price of steel and manufacturing has gone up. Once the brackets have been fitted they will last for years. We also sell the trellising system - GRIPPLE which makes the job quick and easy to complete without any sore fingers. Our add on fitments make it possible to attach pots, hanging baskets and bird feeders on them.

Dovefromabove wrote (see)

KT53  Gwyneth's post is dated  Sept 2013 - I dare say the price may have gone up a little since then

Apologies. I hadn't realised how old the post was.


Steve 309

Why has the price of steel just gone up, I wonder, given that there's a world glut of it at the moment such that the Tata plant in Port Talbot is about to close down?

Nowhere near such an elegant solution as simply drilling a little hole in the post, but I agree that it might cause problems.  (Incidentally, I'm not sure that  drilling the test hole near the bottom is a terribly good idea as it'd let water in and cause frost damage.... still it was getting on for three years ago so it's a bit late now)

Drilling a concrete post is not a good idea.

They contain steel reinforcements. If you do manage to drill them without destroying the drill bit you will damage the post. Moisture gets in, the steel rusts and expands. Result one cracked post and a lot of work and expense to replace it. 

The Rivelin Glen clamps are a very well made product that I have used. Not cheap but good things rarely are. They work well and should last a lifetime. You soon forget the pain of paying for something good, but you remember having to fix something that didn't work for a long time.

p.s I have no connection to Rivelin Glen other than being a satisfied customer. 

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