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Transport needed for flooded gardens

Flooded gardens support really taking off; we need transport relays

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61 to 80 of 277 replies


Rosie, I like your idea of getting a haulage firm involved.

Sorry folks, my brother thinks I'm barmy and haven't considered the green issue/and cost of transport issue, so I'm afraid Kendal is a no go after all.


Lizzie, I can see his point of view, but the point of all this is not just to provide free plants to people who have been flooded, but to show them that gardeners all over the country have their interests at heart; that we empathise with them.


Yes Artjak, you and I and all the other gardeners know that but unfortunately he's not a gardener! Bit disappointed he won't do his little sister a favour but that's families for you!


No problem Lizzie - don't fall out with your brother over it!  We'll find other solutions, I am ABSOLUTELY SURE! 


Artjak - you are so right!  We are giving so much more than just the plants and seeds.


Rosie and Lizzie, I'm sure your brother is thinking of the planet, and quite right too


bumping with frozen fingers; had a glorious day in the garden until just now when, though the sun was still strong, it got mightily cold. Dashed around putting all the trays of seedlings back into the g/h and the cons.

I counted how many pots I've got to take down to Somerset and so far it is only about 70, but there are many more seedlings to be potted up and put on, hopefully, a spurt of growth before mid May. The wonderful orange Papaver seedlings that I dug up and potted about a week ago are settling in well (at least they don't need bringing in at night!)

Nutcutlet very kindly gave me some Allium Italicum the other week; I planted it on the dark side of the rockery, where only Corydalis seems to thrive and just now discovered some Solomon's Seal in there with it Thanks Nut

I remember the first time ever going to Chelsea Flower Show, on the last day when everyone is buying plants like crazy. Finally the show closed and we all shuffled veeeery slooowly towards the only exit; me carrying 2 HUGE pots of Soloman's Seal, one for my neighbour (when I still lived in London) who was a member of the RHS and advised me and taught me so much. All the gardeners shuffling along were so lovely and friendly, no one was irritable or bad tempered, and when we finally got out of the area, I'd made friends with a charming man; I guarded all his plants, he went to get his car and gave me a lift home. All along Cromwell Road, cars had small trees coming out of the sun roofs, boots tied open with rope and small forests in the back.

The memory of that day, triggered by finding that Soloman's Seal, made me focus on why I want to help those gardeners in Somerset; because I've never met a nasty gardener


Nut, I am loathe to differ with someone so knowledgeable, but I think there is a Soloman's Seal in there, along with the Allium


Might be a soloman's seal, there's plenty about. But I thought you had the Arum italicum, I couldn't remember any alliums


Art and Nut, crossed wires? He He, made me giggle


OH MY GOODNESS!   I have been so inundated with plants today! My local Garden Club has come up trumps and I have collected some rather choice plants - got a job to keep my hands off them And a very kind couple from BathFreegle drove about 15 miles into Bath just to deliver some more plants to me. (I've just worked out how to do smiley faces!).

I'm planning to drive one boot load down to Somerset, hopefully on Wednesday, (combining that with driving hubby to a "do" to save petrol/time) and maybe taking another load at the end of Easter when taking daughter back to Devon, as I need to shift most of the plants before we go on holiday end of April.

Artjak, sounds like you've been working overtime too - 70 odd plants is awesome.I well remember my first trip to Chelsea like you and being amazed at the sea of greenery walking down the road.

Nutcutlet - my Solomon's Seal had just popped through - as has the very first asparagus spear - yummy, I had thought I'd lost it, as they didn't do anything last year.

Rosie31, If there's any chance you and & I could meet at J.18 again soon, do let me know please.


Lizzie, how many times can I say this; you are a star

70 plants at the moment, am planning on quite a few more; they won't be big, but they will be viable. Am potting on loads now so that they are large enough to be planted out soon after they get to their destination.

My arm muscles are responding well to carrying everything out and in everyday from g/h and cons.


Lizzie, I've sent you a message!



Nut, of course - it was ARUM Italicum, but in there is a baby Solomon's Seal. (I'm always a bit vague about plant names; for about 20 years could never remember the name of Aubretia and in my head always referred to it as Anchovy)


Bump; tomorrow am going to shamelessly start hustling a few firms, I'm not very good at that sort of thing, but I'll have a bash