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Transport needed for flooded gardens

Flooded gardens support really taking off; we need transport relays

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Not something I'm good at either artjak or I would have volunteered before now

Hi All, Had a lovely day out in the Somerset Levels, combining two trips, one to drop husband off at grand re-opening of the Haynes Motor Museum in Sparkford, and then dropping off the plants to Andrew at Curry Rivel. After braving the A303, (v.busy and fast), treated myself to lunch at Barrington Court - fab tulip combinations and tea at Tintinhull - one of my favourite, very peacefull gardens, again with good tulip/wallflower combinations. I was hoping to visit Lytes Cary manor as well but the boss phoned early for his lift home! 

As I couldn't get all the plants in the car this morning I'm very pleased that Rosie may be able to meet up again and take the next load tomorrow. (I've PM'd you Rosie if it's not too late).

My friend has offered me an Arum, says it looks spectacular - dark red and exotic but apparently it has an appalling smell so I declined - I like my flowers to smell lovely not nasty!


TRANSPORT OFFERED:  Is anyone going to the Gloucester Quays Garden Show over the Easter weekend?  If so we have an offer of transport for plants back from there to Somerset...from one of the stall holders who is based on the levels..

Hi Rosie31,

You're the star of the day - thanks so much for collecting the plants this afternoon, it saved me another trip. 

Artjak, sounds as though you're going great guns, none of my seeds have come up yet, I'm not very good with them. Give me a twig of something and I usually can make it grow but seeds all seem to die on me!

Nut - How are yours doing?



Hi Lizzie

I have a boot load of plants. If I remember I'll take their photo tomorrow. Mine aren't this year from seed plants, they're mostly last year from seed or cutting


Don't get your hopes up too much, but I may be onto something with transport.  Can I do a stocktake of where our plants are, please?  Could anyone who has plants to offer put a quick post on here to say (a) where they are now;  (b) how far you think we can get them using offers so far, without extra help; and (c) how many you have (ie is it a boxful, a small car boot-ful, or more than that?

(I've got contact details for three local Somerset-based firms who have national networks and might be I'm going to contact them over this weekend... but I'd like to be able to answer any questions they have if they come back positively.)


I'm quite a newcomer to growing from cuttings, but so far it seems to be working


Hi Rosie,

A square metre  or metre and a half required for mine. They'll go in the back of my car with the back seats down but wouldn't go in a small boot.

I can do 50 miles no problem,a bit more maybe. 

These are the plants

 Ignore the euphorbia creeping in from the side, that's in the ground.

Not much of a pic is it but I'm not much of a photographer



Fab, thanks nut!


I should have about 100 x 9cm pots, ready by end May/early June.  I'll try and use the square pots as they pack more easily.

I live near Guildford, and work in Windsor, so could easily get them to the A3, M3 (fleet services), M4, or M40 (beaconsfield area).

Break23 had offered to take my plants if I could get them to Worthing, but not sure what their next step would be from there - feels a bit like i would be moving them further away from their destination!


Excellent, thanks Chicky!


I'm still working on this, I can get my own plants down to Somerset and probably do one other journey. But wouldn't it be great if someone like B&Q or Dobbies would do it? they have the right kind of transport; food companies would not be able to transport plants.


Nut, I've PM'ed you.

Possible solution for at least some of your plants! 




Hi Philippa - I've PM'ed you.  Thanks!


Just to let everyone know, we've got another load of plants going down from Lizzie (via me and Philippa) and I think and hope we've got a solution for at least some of Nut's.

Hoorah - plants on the move!

Still working on a solution for others... but feeling a little more hopeful now, got some good leads....

Thanks Rosie and Philippa.


Rosie and philippa, this is so wonderful