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Transport needed for flooded gardens

Flooded gardens support really taking off; we need transport relays

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The support for 'help for flooded gardens' has taken off in spectacular ways

We now need a little help from everyone for people transporting plants across the country.

If anyone can volunteer a van, truck, or even the back of a hatchback for a leg of the journey to the Somerset levels, there would be so much gratitude from so many sourcesIt's OK for me, I'm a retired wrinkly with an LPG car and can get from Norfolk to Somerset via staying with a friend and it won't cost too much... but for working people who don't have time, they can only take the plants so far.

I know all you lovely forumatti will come through for this, it matters, these gardens down in Somerset have been destroyed; either by water or the bulldozers moving earth to be a buffer against the flood water.

Trailer and time here for local distribution whenever 

I haven't passed my test yet, but could ask mum if she wouldn't mind, I'm sure she'd be fine with it. We've only got a little hatchback, but it can fit a surprising amount in 


Ryan, bless you, have just looked at your profile and I am sure you will succeed, but which area are you in? and does your wonderful mother (what DID you get her for mother's Sunday?) mind helping out?

ph2, can you pm me on your post code so I can try to co-ordinate things?


Vroom vroom, transport bump


AJ.............can't PM you  for some reason............I'm approx. 8 miles from J 24 on M5...........Bridgwater.

If you can PM me, hopefully I can reply with my email


I will try Have you managed to pm other people?


ph2, have just pm'd you

Hi Philippa,  apologies, it has only just dawned on me that Bridgewater is nearer to me than Glastonbury - sorry, senior moment there!

If and when I get another load of plants, I will contact you first if that's okay.


You are all wonderful!  Bump!

Heather Michaels

I'm not able to offer any assistance at this stage, but you are all amazing, what a wonderful thing to do. Bumped again!


philippa, have emailed you

Have a great weekend to all of you and Heather, just telling us that we are amazing is ...well...amazing



break23, you are a star. I was at Art College in Worthing; West Sussex College of Arts and Crafts (which of course we renamed West Sussex College of Tarts and Dafts) I don't know of anyone else in your area, do you?...there must be forumatti in Sussex, in such a 'gardeny' sort of place.

Hi i live in the north and cant help with transport.What else is needed.
I thought i could send seeds .Can you let me know how i can help
Thank you

Artjak, as  I think you know, I am nr Ayr in Scotland. Was without any transport until last wk, but now have hatchback with more space than the dead estate I had before, once seats down! However, even without, My partner can take further, but only every 6 wks or so. He will move plants from Ayr to Haydock, but I can't see many people close to Ayr on here. And everyone on that thread has sent seeds. Can't find anyone who hasn't. Whilst great to look for the transport we so desperately need (which I have just asked for over there), I think we need to re-name to get more support, or start new thread. It has been mentioned that re-naming might get nothing. But you have asked for transport on a second thread. And the only answers have come from those who answered before That has re-awoken the thread a little , but only one offer of transport, and one that I may be able to sort. Zelda I have not met here before but I will,of course, take the seed offer. Did I give you my address for seeds? Just in case, will PM you now.

No-one but you should re-name this thread,Artjak, or the last that lead to it. But I feel that we could attract More people to your cause with a different name. One small change has the potential of more seeds to me, more plants to Rosie, and maybe an offer of transporting them all. We need more exposure of your idea. However, my first seed box is going off with just short of 400 packs from our regular viewers.

Or, if no re-name, could it be posted in every forum category, so that those who only check thier own interests would see it come up?

Sorry you started this, Yet?

Don't be. You are a love!


I can see my plant collection from here Jeannie. It's getting bigger. 

But I can't drive it to Somerset