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Gid Joiner

Hi, I'm tryig to work out what this is on a large 40-50ft Lime tree, I'm waiting to find out if the brown bits on the white growth are fungal fruiting bodies or just leaves. my question is - do you think this tree is doomed 




I've never seen anything like that GJ. is it within your reach or did you have to use a long lens?

I'm wondering about some kind of insect activity. If you could reach it you could have a probe and see if there's anything in there (eggs, larvae) 

sorry not to be more help


Looks a bit like Scale Insect but there seems too much white 'fluff' 

Gid Joiner

This has been posted by a friend, she says it's all over the tree. she's going to tell me what the brown bits are, I think they are like blister caps that the white stuff comes out from underneath,or just leaves, i looked at woolly aphids that produce a sticky white stuff like this that leaves wound stick to.but don't know much about them, I have to know these things once i start to research them  I've trawled through many sites looking at fungus but i need better pictures & confirmation that these are fungal or parrasites :/ It would be nice to see it in person but it's too far away . I'll let you know.Thanks


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