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Hi, I have two trees in my garden and have no idea what they are, any help would be great! I'm not sure how to upload a photo on here so will do my best to describe them.(both the same) They are somewhere between 4-5ft in height and have very thick trunks. At the moment, buds are conical but when they open the leaves look and feel like fabric. Green leaves in summer brown in autumn. But the leaves are taking forever to come out so it still looks bare even now. Any ideas would be appreciated. Thanks!

To upload a photo, just click on the tree icon, choose Your Computer, browse to the photo you want and click on Upload. Can't recognise your trees from the description - sorry!

Sorry where can I find the tree icon?

It's in the tool bar at the top of the box you type in. 2nd from the right on mine


 Hi Justine, it should appear when you click 'submit reply' or start a new post.  It doesn't work on phones though - you need a PC or laptop etc.  Here's an image of what it looks like:





That's clever Bob, how did you do that?


I used the 'snipping tool' in Windows 7, nut, which is in 'Accessories' in the Programs menu.  It allows you to select an area of screen which it captures to a file.  I had to resize the image though as my first attempt came out very small.  I used a free image editor called 'Irfanview' to do that and add the red circle.

Oh I see thankyou I'll try logging into the PC! Thanks x

It almost looks like a beech but from your description of fabric like leaves it can't be.  I'm sure some very knowledgeable people on here will help you Justine.

Thankyou, unfortunately I don't have a photo of it in bloom. The leaves have kind of little hairs all over.

Looks like beech to me. Don't worry about the leaves appearing, mine are at the same stage and will fill out over the next two weeks.


Looks like beech to me as well

Thank you Bob for the technical stuff


I agree with Beech.  When kept trimmed back like that they hold the dead leaves over Winter which makes them a useful deciduous hedging tree which still provides privacy.  There are a couple of Beech hedges on my way to work - I'll have a look tomorrow and see if they've started back into growth yet;  I think they are a bit of a late starter.

Yes I'm wondering when the leaves will come out they seen to be taking forever! Glad I know what it is now!


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