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 have lots of trees that have grown from seed in my lawn They are now a good size about 2 years and I want to know is there any type of tool on the market that can go down around the bark into the ground and take up the tree and root. I don't want to have to dig up my whole lawn to transplant them. I would be appreciate any help with this. Many thanks M


Marg why dont you just cleanly remove the turf remove the tree  refill and replace the turf  it will be back to normal this summer after a couple mows or so,no probs 


You could use a pair of loppers, shove them into the ground and snip. It won't do the loppers a lot of good but the trees will be gone.

I'm surprised you've got 2 year old trees in a lawn, I get loads of tree seedlings in grass but they don't survive a season's mowing


Margaret I'm assuming you want to keep the trees whole for planting elsewhere (please forgive me if I'm wrong for I am a bear with very little brains). Why not take a sharp knife and cut the grass around the tree to give you plenty of room to work around and dig the trees out, peeling the grass back like a swiss roll.

Then you can simple back fill the holes with compost / soil from elsewhere in the garden and relay the soil with minimal disturbance. It might look miserable for a few weeks but it'll soon perk back up.


Ah, transplanting, no loppers then




I got left behind years ago Fairy.



Thank you all for your help. Clarington you are right I do want to transplant the trees I'm too late to move them now but will have a go in October and see how they do. Just being lazy thought I could save myself a lot of digging.


I would say that it is not too late to move self grown trees now. If 2 years old then the root system will not be too extensive and if you dig and not pull them out then they have a very high chance of growing on. G

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