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Has anyone come across or uses this product. I was shown a bag at the allotment today by a new starter. I havent come across it but then I only use Grow More.

I must lead a shelted life. Then again I dont watch much on T,V. Thanks again for your help sotongeoff. These people are going to have to wait until August to see if it does what it says on the bag.

I've used it, it is good.  Not sure that it's better than any of the other stuff around though.  I get it in a bundle with 'plant invigorator' which is great for reviving stuff that's looking a bit poorly or tired.  I've since seen an equivalent to this on ebay, a lot cheaper, so when I've exhausted my stocks of it, don't think I'll be buying much more.


Hey up Mummy Muddy Paws thanks for your information I will pass it on the new folks on our block. Regards Brian Cooper.

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