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Just to remind those who were interested, there is a new show on great gardens (Dixter, Sissinghurst et al) on BBC4 tomorrow night (tues) at 9pm.  I've just set the planner

Also Beechgrove is also back on bbc2 on Sunday morning (for those in England - think its Thursday night in Scotland).

and the Great Allotment Challenge is the following Tues at 8pm ..... Not sure if gardening really lends itself to the knockout show/reality tv format .... But i'll give it a go 

So a feast of small screen garden stuff 

Stacey Docherty

And here was me just excited about the start of game of thrones!!! Now all this as well eeeeeeeee

Orchid Lady

I'll have to watch them again on I player and then set the planner to record them 


Busy Bee2

OL - I player will be the option for me, as I had a weekend away with my old university friends, and am only just beginning to enjoy not having a hangover, so very little done in the garden this weekend.  Would like to go out but it's raining - left my wellies outside too, so they'll be soaked - we need a porch. 

got it on the planner, looking forward to it

 Excellent --thanks for the reminder



For anyone with Sky tv, Garden Hopping is my fav gardening prog.


Thanks Lyn - when is that on?

lym what and when is garden hopping on? it's never come up onmy recommenndations though we have virgin cable


You may need sky tv, its on the Drama channel.

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