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 Yes VS I think your right. I turned the iPad completley upside down and it works. Here goes.

Victoria Sponge

Oh please say it is that and nothing more complicated!

Do a confirmation just in case


Yes, yes, yes it is as simple as that. Rotating your iPad completely around and taking pics. I have sent you a PM. Thank you .


Here's another just to make sure 

 Yes you are a clever girl VS. 



If you take them with the ipad upside down, are they upside down in your gallery, if so they wont look nice when you look back on them.

My ipad arrived today,  I cant set it up, it wont accept the internet, so got round that problem, now it wont accept my email password, its back in the box, I am back on the android.

Victoria Sponge

What a disappointment Lyn.  Maybe you have a better tablet than that version of iPad?

Re the upside down pictures, they should show the correct way up in the gallery as the screen should tilt but the camera only has one way up.

If runnybeak has a problem with the gallery, I'll try and think of something else but runnybeak has an iPad Air which I am not familiar with.


The technical explanation is that some devices add EXIF information to photos and that contains data on the photo's orientation (and possibly your name, address and location!)  Unfortunately not all software understands this information so some browsers show it the right way up, some don't.  The only guaranteed way to ensure everyone can see it the right way up is to open it in a photo editing application which allows you to remove the EXIF data.  Unfortunately there are so many devices out there that I can't provide a list of what to use which will work for everybody, but there are lots of free ways to do it, like this one:

Once the EXIF data has been stripped out, you might still have to rotate your picture if you took it with your i-Thing upside down, but once done it should stay done!


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