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Malcolm Harrison
Has anybody tried using the Ring Culture Method - original or adapted - to grow sweet peas successfully?

No I have not, and I am not quite sure why you would want to. Sweet peas grow perfectly well, either in the ground or in pots being watered and fed as for other plants.

is there some particular advantage that you think this method would have ?


Please excuse me, but from what i have learnt from here if growing now, is it not best to use the toilet tube method, if not to late?  Even if its getting on, with this method. I am saving my loo rolls for my sweet peas now? Where as i would be using them for worm bedding for my worms. is it too late to do in tubes now????


Edd, there is still time to use the toilet tube method and many people find this the best way. I prefer 3 seeds to a 9cm. pot and then when ready, I plant the contents of the pot without any root disturbance. I do it this way, because I find it hard to get the watering right in toilet roll holders.

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