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A friend told me that used coffee grounds is very good for the garden? I popped into a coffee place and picked up for free some bags to try. Before I spread it around my garden/plot which plants hate coffee? I prefer tea myself. Also could I mix it with my JI seedling compost to give that extra kick?

Thanks for the advice.


I put my coffee grounds on the compost heap and they mix in with everything else. I don't think I'd mix anything into seedling compost

Stacey Docherty

I wouldn't mix it with seeding compost but I do add it around tender plants straight on the ground to protect from slugs and snails


I do as Stacey does, I spread mine around the hostas when they are just peeking through the soil in the spring - slugs and snails don't like the grittiness 

Stacey Docherty

I don't know what it is they just hate it and if it rains the garden smells like coffee


Thanks very much everybody. I'll add it to the compost. I'm really enjoying making compost due to the fact I've just been given a tumbling composter. Not sure how often you're supposed to turn it over but as its new toy I do it everyday!

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