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Veg seeds for next year...

I don't want to wish away the year but has anyone bought any seeds for next spring...

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I'm saving pepper, chilli, toms, peas and runner/french bean seeds. Was also going to try and save aubergine seeds, that's work in progress though, the one's labelled are just getting bigger with no sign of them going dull in colour and dying... and something has taken a nibble out of one

I like to try different coloured veg, so in France bought white, yellow and purple radish, those were in a bargin pack, white turnip and a new variety for me - beetroot Cioggia, it's red and white striped in the middle. I've also got burpees golden although it didn't do very well this year and detroit 2, a very reliable cropper.

Toms - prune noire, a black Russian variety and Abergines - Violette longue hative but need to work out whether they will grow into tall plants and need to go in the GH bed or a pot on the potting bench, the distructions are in French   

What are other posters saving by way of seeds or planning to buy...   



I bought seeds at 50p a packet, reduced at gc, mixed leaves,radishes,broad beans,. I've got Brassica seeds left from this year. I always get fresh onion and parsnip seed as they don't keep well.

runner beans and sweet peas for cutting, I will see how well they dry.

how to save seed of runner bean

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