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Hey Edd. I have a new wormery (Vertical stacking system) that i've had running for a month. I've tried to keep a 50:50 balance between bedding and food scraps. Unfortunately my tub has been besieged by ants over the last few days to the point where it looks like there are setting up home within the wormery. Ants this year have been a huge nuisance (coming up  through the floor boards even!). Will they harm my newly homed worms - i know that they can be aggressive, especially if nesting. 

Ive tried dousing wormery in water and situating it in a tub of water (which doesn't work as the tub sides touch the water bucket ever-so-slightly, which means the crafty ants still have a way in. I keep poking the top with a stick to disrupt them and then flicking as many ants of the wormery as possible but it's a losing battle.

I don't know what to try next. I hope my worms arent getting too stressed.


This is what happened to my last attempt at a worm farm...


Tomato plants

An apple tree seedling


 A peach tree

 Squash or pumpkin

 Even some potatoes...

NB all of these plants grew from seeds, plant peelings, etc. that got thrown out from the kitchen), one thing it does illustrate very clearly is how great worm castings are at encouraging plant growth!


I would think that is precisely the trick Edd. Mine has far too much sunlight hence why everything wants to grow and starts sending out roots 'n shoots!

This isn't all either, also had litchi trees germinating from pips, mango, avocado, papaya, carrots, celery, onions, brocoli.

Come to think of it, you name the veg/fruit and I've probably had it trying to grow in my worm farm.

I am going to give this another crack as soon as I can find a sheet of corrugated plastic or iron that I can fit over the top to keep out the sunlight and rain. My bathtub worm farm got flooded a few times during torrential summer downpours, but it drained quickly as the plug hole at the bottom was left open. The worms didn't seem to be negatively affected by it.

Hi Edd, I've been given a small empty Blackwall worm bin(from Freecycle) and would like to start a wormery outside. It's like a small wheely bin with a tap at the bottom, so I guess it will need to be raised to collect any liquid.  There are so many websites saying I need this and that and I really don't know where to start.  Any advice would be very much appreciated.

Thanks in advance,

PP xx

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