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Have dozens of Q Edd, but hope your telling of the process/photos will answer them! Can't wait, go for it!

Jim Macd

You might get more replies if you post in the right bit. I'm only here because it's a slow work day.

Ashleigh 2

Hi Edd, very interested

 I currently use an old barrel for compost but it's not very effective as I can't turn it or anything, do you know any ways I could improve it, I have a tiny cottage style garden and don't really want a huge plastic composter.


Edd looking forward to reading your posts as am about to start doing a compost bin or bins this year. The more you can explain the better for all us new gardeners on here to make our own saving a few pounds along the way is always great.

Edd, I am looking forward to your master class on vermiculture. I have a worm cafe but was not very successful with it last year and aim to do better with your guidance. I have recently introduced some brandlings from my compost bin into the worm cafe together with some of the compost and have added some additional vegetable peelings and torn up newspaper, is there anything else I should be adding at this time? I saw your comments regarding coffee on another thread but I do not drink it or have access to any spent granules.



That looks like great stuff Edd 

Perhaps you could do it chronologically? Show how you start off - the bin you use and what you've put in it, and then go on to the next stage when  it starts to break down , and so on. I think lots of people might be interested in a wormery, especially if they have a small garden and don't have room for conventional compost bins but still want to recycle waste. The more pix you can put on, the better it will be.

Jim Macd
Edd wrote (see)

Hi all.

Jim Sorry i did not know i was in the wrong area. …



No need to apologise some people, like me, usually, only ever look at certain topics. It was very quiet at work today and I'd read the posts in Wildlife, plants and fruit and veg, so I was looking around for something else. That's all, I'm sure nobody else minds either. 


I'm surprised that worms like hair. 


Edd- are you entering that for the Booker prize? 

That must have taken you ages gathering all the info and putting it down here. I'm sure lots of people will find it really helpful and will be very grateful to you for taking the time.


H Edd what do you mean u do mealworms


 R these the mealworms you feed to wildlife ,if so id like to breed them as well ,im interested Edd ,more please if poss

Really interested here but still confused on points. A bit dim, Edd, I'm afraid, so would you mind going 1,2,3!    I have a second hand commercial wormery and was only given the info "they will go to where the food is".      1.  Have never added water, but it'all a sludgy mess but packed with tiny baby worms. Never god any of your lovely dry stuff.  What am I doing wrong?  2.  Even tho I only add to the top layer they also crawl down through the layers and drown in the bottom resevoir. I only add stuff as you recommend, and boy do the love mango and vacuum cleaner emptyings.  3dont really get your distinction, bedding, food waste, surely it's the same thing?  4. I obviously haven't got this rotation thing right of the trays in the can o'worms.  my normal composting is faultless. !  I may not have the best worms, I got them from a fishing shop.


Looked up the you tube Can o 'Worms and end up screaming in frustration. It definaptly needs to go in the rants thread!  The female of the duo wittering  like an empty headed airhead around the capable macho guy, neither getting all clear.



Hi Edd would it be possible to start your explanation for mealworm with that heading please so we dont mix them up.


Ashleigh 2

Hi Edd, when you say ready for harvesting what do you mean? How do you separate the compost from the worms?

Ashleigh 2

I really want to have a go at this, if you keep your container outside how much longer does it take compared to indoors? 

Thank you, Edd.  Lots of info there.


Hi, Edd. Thank you for doing this thread. I can't wait to get started! Will start my bin tomorrow and leave it to 'season', as you suggest. Off to find my worms, now. Night and thank you.