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Well i have been requested to start a Vermicomposting thread so hear it is.

I was not sure where to start so i thought i would start at the end and work back (believe me this will make sense).

Here is what you are all after 'BLACK GOLD'. Fresh today!




 OHH. Can you see egg shell in there? (not the fine stuff we are now producing, on other threads. Just the remnants of  whole egg shells put in the compost.)

Just to the right edge in the middle is a worm egg. They look like little lemons with only one nobble at one end and they do turn darker. The cycle continues!

I have been doing this for about 10 years in different locations. and at the moment have a big bin in the back yard (concrete base) a stacking system in the cold outside garage (recycle green box, that has beem modified) and a small mushroom box bin that i keep in the kitchen. This is more to keep the temp constant and produce more worm eggs. (more worms!) they are self regulating though so do not worry.

I will take photos of all the bins and tell you about the process but until i know where anyone would like to start or if other people are interested then i will just, sit and wait for a question. 

Kind regards





Have dozens of Q Edd, but hope your telling of the process/photos will answer them! Can't wait, go for it!

Jim Macd

You might get more replies if you post in the right bit. I'm only here because it's a slow work day.

Ashleigh 2

Hi Edd, very interested

 I currently use an old barrel for compost but it's not very effective as I can't turn it or anything, do you know any ways I could improve it, I have a tiny cottage style garden and don't really want a huge plastic composter.


Edd looking forward to reading your posts as am about to start doing a compost bin or bins this year. The more you can explain the better for all us new gardeners on here to make our own saving a few pounds along the way is always great.



Hi all.

Jim Macd Sorry i did not know i was in the wrong area. I just started a new thread from 'latest posts'  I will try and re-post in the right area but i am not sure how to do that? Is it easy? I am quite technology minded( as long as i understand ) 

so it would be no trouble to put it in the 'correct' area.




Ashleigh 2.

Lack of oxygen to the bin is your problem. I am surprised you have worms in there. If anyone has bad smells with compost then there is a problem. With out side compost bins you need to turn it to allow the bacteria to breath and do its job ( this produces heat and kills any seeds.) 

with vermicomposting the worms do the aeration but there is no heat so weed seeds can some times survive. (i will get into this and around this later) 

Heat composting (out side) takes about 6-a year. Vermicomposting Takes 2-4 month max! (depending on temp) That is why i can do it inside the house.

I can see the questions now! what about the smell!!!

The answer is simple if it smell like fresh earth (garden centers)then it is good, Either outside or in.

If it smells off (sour) then there is a problem with the good bacteria breathing. and it needs drying out or oxygen. 


SwissSue. Where would you like to start. 

Outdoor (garden bin) Just like a hot bin?

Or indoor stacking system using tubs (i use the council re-cycle bins, but that is a secret)

Or in door where the the temp is good all year round? You will increase your worm supply by vast amounts this way. You have to remember, though that they are self regulating and will only grow and reproduce to the size of container they have. 

A bit like gold fish in a tank, that never grow any bigger.





Thanks for your comment.

 It has cost me nothing so far, apart from some use of a electric drill! and a few nails.

That is the way i would like to keep it. and i begrudge using the electric!!!!!!! I try and produce my own, BUT THAT IS A WHOLE DIFFERENT TOPIC.



Edd, I am looking forward to your master class on vermiculture. I have a worm cafe but was not very successful with it last year and aim to do better with your guidance. I have recently introduced some brandlings from my compost bin into the worm cafe together with some of the compost and have added some additional vegetable peelings and torn up newspaper, is there anything else I should be adding at this time? I saw your comments regarding coffee on another thread but I do not drink it or have access to any spent granules.

That looks like great stuff Edd 

Perhaps you could do it chronologically? Show how you start off - the bin you use and what you've put in it, and then go on to the next stage when  it starts to break down , and so on. I think lots of people might be interested in a wormery, especially if they have a small garden and don't have room for conventional compost bins but still want to recycle waste. The more pix you can put on, the better it will be.



I have just been out to photo all my worm grow systems that i have and try to put then in order to let you all know, ABOUT ALL THE DIFFERENT situations.

I am no expert, but then after 10 years i suppose i am???  As i have said i have just taken photos of all my systems in my back yard/garage and inside.

I will just have to start you all off with the basic. Bedding and food mix in boxes. 

This takes time ( 2-3 weeks ) just to get the bacteria started. If you can add a few hand full of soil from the compost bin then it will be quicker.  Its all down to temp and the reproduction factor and the size of your bin.

When i get there photos back you might under stand. I am not used to this. I did grow for show,but there was no mobile phones then and i have no need for Crack book or Twatter.

We just got a pic in the local paper with my awards from the leek club. with trophy! 

How times have changed. Only bought my second hand phone last year, so this is all new to me. 

I am catching up though and i like it! (unfortunately) technology is so quick now. I thought they put a stop to that. There are so many people robbed of jobs through automation.!!!!!!!


The photos are here and this is what you need to begin with.

You will all have to combine brown card board/ and you kitchen waste 50/50 and put it outside  with a bit of soil/compost ( just a hand full.This is just a great starter to get the bacteria in) 

2 weeks in or 1 week out. You will need some basic stuff but that is all.





 You will need the mix 50/50 aged, before you start, with the next pics.

Then use the same green boxes, stacked on top.












  This is my inside house bin.

Sorry, I  am having problems with downloading pic again. Please bear with me.






P.S. no ,no ,no There is no smell and i only keep the net over because i thought there might be fruit flies. Non of this has happened and never been a issue!

P.P.S. Can i take you all back to the top and see the results as this is what i get everyday. It all depends on the temp, and how long,.


 Three times as fast as normal hot composting. Sorry can i brag now!

Jim Macd
Edd wrote (see)

Hi all.

Jim Sorry i did not know i was in the wrong area. …



No need to apologise some people, like me, usually, only ever look at certain topics. It was very quiet at work today and I'd read the posts in Wildlife, plants and fruit and veg, so I was looking around for something else. That's all, I'm sure nobody else minds either. 



Sorry i over missed your comment. 

I know what you meant and thought i was getting there but you beat me to it. I really do appologise  for the missed text. 

Yes i will start from the start, but some things have to be explained with knowledge and somethings are just better done in a picture!!!. Would you like to explain my back passage to me! I thought a picture would be best as it is a bit dark and dirty.

Do you really wont to go there???????????? .

Every image is open to question. So please divulge and ask.

Remember, i was beginner with no help, 10 years back and tht seems like last week.





Thanks, For your comment Jim Macd. Where should i be?

I am still not sure where to start. We will just have to see where it goes.

Kind regards



Just so you can see the setup in my back yard ( on concrete ) 

This has been running constantly for 3 years now and you can see at the bottom where i have just taken the compost out for the first photos. The whole bin was full of autumn leaves collected from the park ( over 30 fertilizer sacks full)  to the top of the bin, so you can see how fast the worms work.

The cardboard went on 3 days ago. Only because there is a forecast for snow tomorrow!!!

Did i mention that i am a 'ought for nought man' and will not waste anything or spend unnecessarily if  possible. 

Always ask for a discount and tell them why you should have one, if not for free.

What is the worst that can happen.

Regards till next time when i will get the photos sorted out.







Thanks Dove. Looking at the photo. I would hate to tell them that they have got the wrong worms! (They will all do the same job eventually.)

The second photo in the article is correct even is some of the information attached is incorrect.

Here is a pic of eisenia foetida red wiggler, one of the correct ones.




I'm surprised that worms like hair.