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Could anyone tell me what a Viburnam Bodnatense Dawn is supposed to look like at this time of year.At the moment it as buds on it but it lost it's leaves just before Xmas and i thought it was supposed to be winter flowering.


The leaves are off as it is a deciduous shrub.  Mine has been flowering on the bare stems since December.


Mine is in flower too, since December, not vast amounts but pretty pink and sweet smelling.

The bush honeysuckle is also flowering, a couple of twigs in a vase perfume the whole house - lovely and delicate - not overwhelming as some of my beloved lilies can be. 


Could it be too young to flower?

nutcutlet  You could have a point.I think it is only in it's first winter as i bought it last summer.How long does it take before it starts to flower?Thanks also to Bookertoo and fidgetbones for your comments.I've got a Winter Honeysuckle which i bought at the same time,both from J Parkers and the Winter Honeysuckle looks very healthy but also no flowers yet.I'm fairly new to gardening so i need all the help i can get.



Its probably too young to flower. if its in a sunny position, it will flower sooner than in shade, although it will tolerate some shade.


I'd talk to it nicely and expect flowers next year. 

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