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Jess is in the Garden

I was wondering if anyone knew whether there is any point in using nematodes now, if I am not sure whether vine weevil is present or not?

We had an infestation last Spring and the nematodes wiped out the weevil.

If there are no larvae in ths soil, do the nematodes just die off, because they have nothing to eat, or do they stick around for a while?

Thank you!

The way I understand it is that nematodes CONTROL vine weevils but not wiping them out entirely. I think they die off to an extent although they are naturally in the soil. Needs warm soil soil so treatment next spring before you see sighns of damage and again early September? Provado works well, more destructive though but can use now
Alina W

Nematodes die off if there is nothing for them to eat. They also need warm soil for them to be active, and the soil is getting too cold now.

So, as already said, Provado is your best bet now.

No they don't. Some weevils will survive. It's a control to reduce the numbers. They breed in the weevil larvae as i understand it.


hollie hock

Not ever used nemaodes, seems to me they are just like any other pesticides but just used underground. From the little I know they contain neo-nicotinoids, which I don't think are a good thing for the food chain as a whole as too Provado


Nematodes are little roundworms  not poisonous chemicals

hollie hock

Ok I'm not sure, it's just they were included in a link in on this site about neo-nicotinoids.

hollie hock

When I click on the said link it brings me to here

If you have over wintered any plants in pots such as fucshias in particular, just knock them out of the pots, pull the soil away from the roots and you will easily see the grub. Kill them all and repot the plant in fresh soil and treat all your baskets and tubs in late march when you have planted them up.
I grow about 100 fuchsia cuttings and almost the same in geraniums and didn't get a single grub last year.
I will definitely be buying them again this spring.

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