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Carper Glith
I recently watched the Great British garden revival and one of the presenters said she used vitamin C to aid rooting of plant cuttings but no more was said, can someone please help me out on how to use vitamin c as a rooting agent

i have heard of it carper, but not used it. As I remember, you get the vit C powder and and you can either dilute in water, and dip, or dip straight in the powder.

Think I'd prefer the dilute method as most vit c supplements out there are very strong.


i used a crushed aspirin for a pick me up tonic for a plant last year and it worked a treat,also i used a banana skin in water shaken in a bottle ,kept over night and this also worked as a help for plants not looking there normal self,im told the vit C works as well iv not tried it yet but i will on cuttings this year, good luck
Carper Glith
I asked Christine Walkden on twitter as it was her that said about vitamin C on the tv and she said to buy water soluble tablets make up as instructed dip for 1 minute and place on compost

But why Vit c?  Use rooting powder. !



I'm with Mike and verdun. I use rooting powder or rooting gel when necessary. 

Vitamin C powder is more expensive and harder to get, since most chemists keep it under the counter because drug addicts use  Vit C powder or citric acid to mix with the heroin. It then ruins the veins.

I saw the same programme,Mike. A lot of people on this forum commented that a flat tined fork is not a pitchfork.  There were quite a few errors in that series, including moving Ashbourne to Yorkshire.

Carper Glith
Im a novice gardener I dont have alot of gardening knowledge but im keen to learn, i never seem to have much luck with rooting powder so thought id give this method ago, if it dont work then its a lesson learnt if it does bonus

Sounds like you're going to be busy, Charlie. Well volunteered.

Hello folks,

i heard the program about using vit C i was a little bemused. However i tend to use liquid seaweed from the start

. i mix a cupful with a gallon of water, i do not recommend that it is mixed a left standing for days,

for seed plant i soak my seeds in a plant saucer for 12 hours then plant the seeds in the usual way, then spray the surface of the seed trays than one a week i continually feed them with a a solution 1 cap to 1 gallon of water and carry on doing so.

the results are fantastic healthy plants, if you continue spraying the solution throughout the growing season you will get bigger healthier plants, My basket tomatoes are fantastic this year.

Not recommended for house plants, but use all round the garden as a drench or foliage spray just follow the instructions on the bottle.

Happy Gardening Folks

Some years ago someone once wrote in a pelargonium magazine that it was beneficial to use a solution of vitamin C for cuttings, so we tried it and had to agree it helped, so we have been using it ever since. We put about half a teaspoonful of powder in a couple of eggcupfuls of cold water and stir it with anything that is non-metallic (usually a plant label) and it is stored in a dark bottle. Tablets would do just as well as powder – and what you don’t use for your geranium cuttings can be made into a drink – so it will do you both good! We never use hormone-rooting powders or liquid, as this makes the ends go soft and they are more likely to rot than root.

Do not get distraught if a few do not make it – one hundred per cent success is a very high standard to try to achieve! The important thing is to enjoy what you are doing, and we think you will always feel a sense of achievement when you manage to increase your stock of a plant. We always do!      Copied from ' The Vernon Geranium Nursery ' site 

Steve 309

The man with the vision gets the mission, CN


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