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My wallflowers were great but what do I do now that they have finished. Should I leave all the greenery there or pull up. If I do pull up then I will have a big gap where everything else is flowering   Do I replace will something new at this time of year. Any advice please????

ive brought some wallflower this year never had much look growing them ... they were only plug size so I replanted them into a bigger pot ,  there now big enough to go into the garden... I think you just leave them in when their flowers have died back have you dead headed them to produce more flowers...

Hi annmarie 2. Yes I have but they look really untidy. 



Agree with Tetley...ideally you should pull up wallflowers a few weeks back.  This gives time for some summer flowering plants like cosmos or similar.  When these are finished in September tou can replant with fresh wallflowers...yes, go for the bare root ones.  And try a batch of all one colour.  Next April/May pull them up to plant out summer stuff again.  you can keep a succession of colour all year round then 

Thank you everyone for your input. Will get them all out tomorrow and replace with something else for the rest of the summer. Don't know what though yet. ????



Have you got something already growing in a pot which you might put in it's place (pot and plant)? I do this when I've cut back my hardy geraniums (imminent).

No I haven't paulk2 but will check out what's available as replacements. 




Not a fan of pot filling spaces...sorry.  I know its done but in most cases it doesnt look right for me.

well I leave mine sometimes if they are not in the way and they flower again next year but might be a bit spindly and then after that flowering you do have to get them out once they're finished but save the seeds.

Jo71 I sometimes leave mind in if they look good enough.Some of them might die and some will get bushy, but I would have taken mine out end of may and put summer bedding in.I always grow mine from seed,mixed colours.

hi logan I never had much luck growing them from seed how do you do it and when the best time to start,  I got some growing from small plug plants at the moment but not sure if to plant them  or leave it til spring

Too late for seed now annmarie.

sow in spring to flower following spring 


Its the best way Tetley

Yes please Tetley

can I have the torch? 

hollie hock

See I would disagree. Sowed some mixed wallflowers a while ago and have just repotted them. There's plenty of time to sow them so that you get a great display for next year. Will be doing some more this week as well. Splashed out on some Fire king ones and some purple variety

In the past I've bought some bare root ones but I've always found that I've got much nicer plants from the ones I've grown myself.



I agree hollie hock, I always grow from seed now, much better choice of colours and still time to sow now.

My wallflowers were 3 or 4' tall bushy specimens.....3 such plants of one colour look terrific.  A row of one colour makes a wonderful hedge during this time too.  Impossible with late sown wallflowers.

sow them as early as possible in spring for a long growing season to produce large impressive plants .

sow late...or now..for small plants.  Or for a rainbow effect by planting them out in large numbers  

 Wallflowers sown now will germinate just fine but will have just August to really grow to anything.......??

 But, why not sow earlier folks for far better impact plants from late winter to late spring.


hollie hock

Sorry Verdun, but I don't think what you saying is true, well not for me anyway. Those sown now will grow a lot, either way I've found them to be a lot better than the bare rooted ones that you were advocating.

One of the risk that I have found that sown too early in Spring means that you might have flowers the same year.

Looking forward to seeing the Fire king ones will be planted them in large groups, usually just collect my seeds from the mixed ones. They were one of the first plants I grew from seed when I started gardening, love them a picture in April of your best wallflower.  I will do the same.  A challenge.  You up for that?  If I'm wrong I will apologise.  A but of fun too Hollie 

Jo sow in trays indoors March/April time.  Pot on when 2" or so high or plant out in rows.  Although hardy cover with fleece...i like to raise fleece above plants slightly ( upside down pots ideal).  Pinch out tips in late spring.  I do this again in July or so.  tramsplant to where you want them in late September

hollie hock

Sorry Verdun, don't do the who's got the biggest one?!!!  Not about wallflowers anyway.Gardening's not a competition, well not for me

I wouldn't know if you had bought them, grown them from seed and sown when or bought them as bare roots in the Autumn!!

All I would say is that it's still not too late to sow them now