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I've just got my first greenhouse (love it!!!), and it came with a seed rack. I've planted some seeds but when I water them the water goes all over the concrete greenhouse floor. I've now taken the trays off there and put them in a bit tray to water them in… what do people put under the seed trays or am I doing something wrong?

Thank you 


Hi Claire. With newly sown seeds many people water from below- ie putting the seed tray into a bigger tray with water in it, so that it draws moisture up from below. It helps to avoid dislodging the seed. Other than that, it isn't a problem if the floor gets wet - unless you have something below the shelf which you want to keep dry, or you've got your slippers on! 

Thank you for your replies - I'm off to measure the staging now as those water tight trays are exactly what I was looking for Fleurisa That's a great website with lots of things my greenhouse 'needs'!!!

Thanks again

Shiny baking tins are good as trays too as they help reflect light



My benches have grow bag trays on them, two near enough fit the length. they are about 3ft long and sell in my local garden centre for 2 for 10.00


I buy seed and gravel trays at the same time to make sure they fit each other. Some brands are slightly different sizes.

I find large square ones are the least useful. Long ones the most. I also use cat litter trays for some things.

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