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Looks like its going to be cold for everyone by the end of the week. Will have to double wrap everything in fleece.

Orchid Lady

Oops, best bring all the tomatoes etc back in out of the GH, no idea where I'll put them?? 

Victoria Sponge

What's this? (Sigh...)

Put out my test batch of morning glory this morning...


Oh no!  I thought it had been too good to be true so far this spring.

Busy Bee2

Don't panic.  This happens every year - a dark warning about freezing temperatures at the start of May.  Often isn't nearly as bad as they say it will be, but they are covering themselves just in case.  Keep an eye on the forecasts on a day to day basis - they really aren't that accurate so far in advance - yes it will probably get colder, but by how much is impossible to predict this far in advance.  Our local forecast for the end of the week has the minimum temp as between 1 degree and 7 degrees - in other words, they really don't know yet.  The range is even bigger in the days following.  The weather-people are aware of how important the threat of frost is at this time of year, and tend, on the whole, to err on the side of caution, lest they get blamed when gardeners are caught out.  I think the best thing is to know what it is you would do if the forecast said 'definite frost tonight', ie. be prepared, but also be aware that it might never materialize.  The only thing you can know for sure, is that you will never know for sure.  We are in the 'third week of May' zone, but there was a frost in June one year. 



Weather for the week ahead on Countryfile said that a cold front is heading our way on Thurs and Fri morning it will be 0 degrees in the South and -2 to -4 in the North.

Fingers crossed it changes direction but be prepared.

Victoria Sponge

Right, well my dahlias survived the frosts the other week, so quite frankly my young plants are going to have to just man up... 

Other plants have took their place inside now- my new blue penstemons for one! 


Met Office forecast for the UK from next Friday: 

UK Outlook for Friday 2 May 2014 to Sunday 11 May 2014:

Much colder than recent weeks to start with, with a risk of widespread and locally sharp overnight frosts, particularly on Friday night. Also a risk of a few wintry showers, chiefly to high ground in the northeast. Then a fine, largely dry interlude with winds easing for most places over the weekend, before more unsettled weather arrives into the northwest for the new working week. This is expected to gradually move southeastwards, though its progress remains uncertain, with southern areas staying dry for much of the week. As such, the frost risk should gradually reduce from the north as the week progresses. Thereafter, most likely a more unsettled look, particularly for western and northern areas, with near average temperatures, but a risk of colder interludes affecting the north at times.

UK Outlook for Monday 12 May 2014 to Monday 26 May 2014:

Conditions are most probable to be fairly typical for the time of year with no strong signal for any particular weather type to dominate throughout the period. There are likely to be periods of fine and dry weather, interspersed with more unsettled spells with some rain or showers. By day temperatures are most likely to be near average, which at this time of year would leave conditions feeling pleasant in sunshine when winds are light.


I have known it to snow in May.


I'm staying in bed until I can wear my shorts & flip flops.

Orchid Lady

I'd be in bed forever then KEF, I very rarely get my shorts on and never in public, only in the garden LOL 

Let's face forecasts are just that........a forecast........not definite.......if you are unsure, cover your baby plants and tender stuff...........

Busy Bee2

Philippa, I soooo agree.  You wouldn't believe how much of the rain forecast for where we live never turns up.  If it's still saying frost on Thursday morning, I'll go into full 'fleece mode', but I'm not going to get worked up yet. 


I check forecasts day by day. if it's forecast cold for that particular night I will do something about it


Thanks for the heads up folks - will now know to check the forecasts towards the end of the week.  Would hate to lose things at this stage of the year. 



Well I needed to have a tidy up in the greenhouse anyway. Looks like I've extra reasons why so I can put all the tenders in the plastic greenhouse within the greenhouse. I might consider putting a heater in there on frost guard if it looks very bad as I'm not sure the tomatoes will fit (that'll teach them to try flowering so early in the year).

We've had it surprisingly gentle this winter - no snow and very few frosts. I'm sure we'll survive a bit of drab weather!

Remember of course that we're approaching a bank holiday and weather reports HATE getting our hopes up that it might be nice weather!

Busy Bee2

Oh here we go, what a surprise.  Friday's weather which they were saying yesterday would be 1 - 7 degrees has now changed to 4 - 10 degrees.  They're already rowing back from the doom and gloom scenario. 

Busy Bee2

Edd, my son says the weather forecast is the same as astrology.  Which is unfair if you just take the next 24 hours into account.  It is usually pretty accurate by then. 

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