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flowering rose

very cold here with snowflakes floating about,it is a bitter wind that's blowing and making me hibernate.Its a shame because the frogs and toads were beginning to sing at night and romance was in the air.


Same here in the Fens, extraordinary blizzars with howling winds, followed by gentle sunny weather

Jean Genie

Very freaky - Got my washing dry.

Brilliant sunshine here now in West Lancs.


It's happening Now shiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiit



I think i am getting now what passed you guys this morning




Wot is going on?-I live in the balmy South and it is snowing in the Channels Isles-I blame the Government.


Artjak, just a simple queastion where are the Fens



Freezing here in Bournemouth, we have had a dusting of snow but that wind is just bitter. I did dash out to check the greenhouse and feed the birds, didn't stay out there long.


Derek, they are east of Mordorrrr. No seriously they are the area on the cusp of Cambridgeshire, Lincolnshire and Norfolk. A lot is reclaimed land I believe from salt marshes, with also very rich river silt. Some of the fields are so black, they are almost purple when they are first ploughed. We have lots of canal type structures, not for shipping so much as drainage with pumping stations. It is very flat with HUGE skies; I love it, as an artist it is blissful to go out and paint a skyscape.


I am in Bury St Edmunds in the East and its bitter and frozen, my poor garden ! I had lupins, hosta, delpinium, peone in a ploy tunnel, took all my lupins and peone out tuesday last week and put them all back under on Friday. Every windowsill in my house has seedlings on them waiting for better weather. I also brought my hydrangia's in and have them on the windowsills where there is space !! My daphs were all just about to bloom and ar now flat on the ground. Even the snowdrops have been frozen and squished as have my crocus. My hollyhocks and foxgloves are really starting to struggle I am not sure how much more frozen weather I can take !!!!!!!!!!!!


The Fens, brilliant sunshine


Furness Peninsula, South Cumbria:  Beautiful blue sky and sunshine, not sure what the temperature is but it's definately warmer than yesterday, probably becasue the wind has dropped.  BBC weather tells me we are due to reach 5 degs today and I think they will be right - hurrah!!  



nice sunny morning and warm behind glass quite perishing outside. ice in my greenhouse but the air temp is a comfortable 20 degrees so shouldn't last long.

I'm thinking about moving some breeze blocks into there, so the sunlight will warm the blocks and later the blocks will release the heat back into the greenhouse. I've been reading about people insulating with bubble wrap which might be an excellent idea to retain the heat from the sun. An interesting idea is the can furnace essentially warming air passing through the air and passing it to where it is needed. might try something like that too. 


I'm cold
So are my baby plants.

That being said, it's nice to know I'm no the only one doing the 'Gardening Hokey Cokey'.
You put your best plants in, you put your best plants out. In. Out. Shake em all about...

blackest, what is a can furnace?


We have a knee deep drift of snow by the front door and 6 to 10 inches in general depending on shelter from the wind.  It's been snowing since before I got up and doesn't look like stopping.   -14C expected tonight after yet another revision of the forecast.    Something comforting and spicy for dinner to cheer us up.

Bunny ...
Sick of this cold weather .....been on going since last sunny spell march last year