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Happy St Paddy's day to all .

artjac,my apologies for not acknowledging the answer to my question about the Fens.

Just woken to snow showers typical paddy's day weather


Alternating between heavy rain & sleet here, another week gone and spring isn't showing her face yet.  Bah humbug, back to hibernation for another month methinks.


MM Paws, I agree, bah humbug says it all

The Fens; raining.

Bunny ...
Forecast doesn't look good for the week ahead ... Definately BAHHHH HUMMBUGGGG



Official first day of Spring on Wednesday-the forecast is full of winter with frost snow and high winds

Just to add to my misery, now I've caught something nasty from the biggest little one.  Hope to goodness it's not chicken pox, it's doing the rounds at school.  Still horribly grotty up here, wall-to-wall cloud, drizzly and very, very cold (although that could just be my grottiness).  Not looking forward to it going dark, think the drizzle will turn to snow.  We were forecast snow yesterday (well, early this morning), but it didn't materialise.  Think it will tonight though, with how cold it is.

Chicken stew tonight, with herby dumplings, that's if I can haul my carcass off the sofa and stay upright long enough to do it!

Weather shocking.  Grotty, grey & cold.  Roll on spring.

Desperate to get back to bramble clearing, chopping off top growth & digging out roots, burning the whole shebang so it can't come back.  Even if we have a week full of sunshine (I am assured it's still up there somewhere, but not shown itself for ages), it rains on a weekend when OH can look after kids and I can don the wellies & do some clearing.

Looking forwards to the clocks going forwards, even though I lose an hour of sleep, on Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays when he's home at a reasonable time (he teaches apprentices, so has some lateish nights), so maybe I can do some chopping off of the top growth.  Daren't light a bonfire, as the house is unoccupied, so there'd be no-one there to keep an eye on it.

2 sproglets, 1 dog, 1 OH that regularly needs dynamite shoved under him to get ANY movement, 1 garden, 1 wilderness, 2 houses in need of decoration (one not been done since the 70's so if you like orange & brown wallpaper & dark green shagpile, it's lurverly).

So hands very full.  Why God didn't design women to sprout another pair of hands every time they sprogged I really don't know!  Proof that he's a bloke.

Just back from the garden again as this morning was sooo cold 1deg in shed and 4deg in GH. Had a warm and another layer of clothes ie:long johns before heading back it has snowed most of the afternoon and very grey. Lit another wick on my heater under the propagator to keep the sweet pepper and chilli seeds happy, temperture not good for tonight, also fleeced all my young pricked out seedlings more snow forcast tommorrow

Gardening Grandma

Not a bad day - dry with a bit of sun. I've pruned the perennials that I left some tops on for protection last year, started top-dressing the soil and done lots of weeding - the d**n things are springing up like mad! I've taken out a peony that has never done very well, together with some bearded irises that are much too rampant for their space and filled the hole they left with new topsoil, planted herb robert and a few other things in their place. So satisfying! Maybe I'm not so ancient after all!

MMP, love your comments. I've been told I feel a need to defend people, but I think I'll let God fend for Himself!


Good Morning ,Snowing here now  temp'1c I do not  remember any  year that we had snow this late  ,






I'm feeling lucky now, nights are cold but getting some sun in the days though 7,8,9 degrees but in the greenhouse when the sun is out its nearly t-shirt weather.

Bit cloudy this morning but it should warm up in an hour or two. Right about the weather in this part of ireland snow was prctically unheard off till 2009 and now winters are getting harsh a lot of palmy type trees got killed and red robin is now becoming much more valued for hedging, the price has shot up. 


Snow flurry in the Fens.


Well it's going to be dryish here in South Devon till about midday, when the next downpour's forecast. I think I'll defer post- work kip till then and see if I can manage to do a bit in the garden.
Bunny ...
Good luck figrat ... Watch where you are walking though hey
the tidy gardener

All of my windowsils are being used for seeds and Im still wearing a thermal long sleeved vest!!!

fed up with it..

when can I plant summer bulbs?!!packet says march.ha!

Woke up to snow.  Then it turned to sleet.  Now it's overcast and threating to drizzle again.  Apparently I'm not allowed to go back to hibernation now, the boy needs taking to school, and toddler just starting terrible twos.  At least she didn't start at 18 months like the boy did.

Have said very rude word and stolen Husband's jumpers.  He doesn't feel the cold (it's a 'man' thing up here to go out in as few layers as possible, otherwise you're a 'nesh southern pooftah').

Cunning plan now is to win the lottery and move to where there is some sunshine.  That's if the politicians don't decide to tax it, they tax virtually everything else.

Around 4-5 deg today and 8 in the GH so felt a wee bit warmer than yesterday with the biting North Easterly wind. Had a few snow flurries but its tonight sub zero and as my garden is beside a river in a dip gets very frosty. so all my tenderlings have been covered with fleece in the GH.