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Yes I agree as last year my fellow friends and gardeners in Cornwall had complete failures with their veg because of the lack of warmth and so much rain, I visited my mum at the end of July (Falmouth) and it was very chilly I mean no shorts and a fleece to keep warm. So what happened to global warming?????

A few years ago we were all going to freeze to death because we were about to enter a new ice age.  The Earth goes through cycles of heating and cooling, and I'm not sure mere Humans have that much effect on it, after all, we've only been studying the weather for 200 or so years, and the swings between tropical and polar earth take much, much longer than this.

A friend bought me a T-shirt back from the states, it read 'Only take Photographs, only leave footprints'.  Wise words to live by.

Gardening Grandma

Wet anf fairly mild. Well, what's new - it is the coastal plain of south Wales. Rain, rain and more rain.


Good morning Brumbull a little warmer here technically but blowing a gale. Global warming is quite real but its creating worse weather for us. We get our climate from the gulf stream and the north atlantic oscillation. These seem to be changing the warmth coming up from the tropics doesn't seem to be as reliable as it was cold air is coming much further south than it used to.  We might have to get used to extremes like in Poland in winter you can be in -18 or lower. I got a frozen mustache going round an outdoor market in a Polish winter but in the summer it can be 30 degrees +.

I don't know how much of the changes in climate are down to mankind although the ozone layer has been damaged by CFC's gases now banned in aerosols and modern fridges. Oxygen is normally O2 but Ozone is a less stable O3 cfc's broke down the ozone molecules and removed part of the radiation shielding that naturally exists in the upper atmosphere.  Worst of all they seem to have been a catalyst not getting used up as they did their damage. I think we will have to adapt to the changes in the weather patterns and hope they don't get too much worse.

 Grey skies clearing...doesn't mean a lot...back in form early start..cold but kept for a cuppa and must tackle the I really need all those pots?

Wait! sun breaking time to sit about...another window of light...  on we go.




Looks like Sheffield's going to get in in the neck weather wise.  No car tomorrow then!  Another weekend trying to do indoor things, so I can concentrate on outdoor things when better weather gets here!


When is the wintry weather going to end, it is milder here is West Wales but... soo wet.  Was hoping to get my early peas planted outside but will have to wait a few more days. So will have to watch a few more gardening programmes on TV, may bake a cake!!


Wet and Windy in the south of Ireland and as it dries up over the weekend back to cold and frosty nights ...


Here in Ayrshire it 70 mph winds with driving snow and a wind chill factor of -15 have been out securing the greenhouses since 3 am happy gardening 

Brumball..may I call you BB...looks like we we will be sharing the same weather, although it seems that you will get it first then on to me in Herefordshire - thanks.. (tongue in check, cheque, or cheek...can hardly read this..)  must brew-up

heavy skies, snow on ground, rain at the moment and that wind...brrrrr

when will this font get back to size...


...thank you...

very good of you to keep us all informed......will check posts throughout the day.

Pottie Pam

morning all,

We had our summer this time last year. It has rained heavily for more than 24 hours and another day of rain to come here in Cornwall. Feel so sorry for those who's properties are flooded once again. One house in Looe has been badly damaged by a landslide.

Keep warm and dry everyone.

Jean Genie

Blizzard here in West Lancs.   Still snowing and wind howling. What's going on. ??????

Where's Spring. ?

Jean Genie wrote (see)

Blizzard here in West Lancs.   Still snowing and wind howling. What's going on. ??????

Where's Spring. ?



In Kent with meeeeeee


Yep, if you look on the bbc weather and stick in the postcode for birmingham then use the weather tracker at the bottom, it goes white about 3pm today until sunday night! I've been out this morning got 3 bags of rock salt, thankfully none will have to be used near the garden, we have a heavily sloping path to the car area, which if it refreezes at night is more like a bob sleigh track! So that's one less worry. I finally took the plunge and paid out the extortionate £14 for a snow shovel, works great though, so I'm all sorted. Then did a huge food shop, so yeah hatches are battened. Annoyed that my tulips and bulbs and the nice new shoots on the clemati are going to be set back a good while, ho hum, maybe because we are having a 'proper' winter, we can expect a 'proper' summer? Here's to hoping, I'm just ferretting out my beefstake tommie seeds hehe.



Probably not mind they might just take a break for a while, I'm reasonably lucky as the few I have are 5+ years old, so the 3 I moved and cut down to 18" will have plenty in reserve to regrow, if it kills all the new shoots back, probably make them all branch from every bud so you'll have a plant with 500 stems, and look even better, just later. (Yes, I'm trying to look on the bright side!) I have 2 old man's beard (fascination) that I've had in unheated part of greenhouse in 4 " pots, they still have buds starting, but they'll be staying in the greenhouse for the time being.


No snow here - yet - but absolutely bitterly cold !!! Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr!!!!


One things for sure, somethings going wrong with our weather. It's not just our country who's feeling the effects either.

I hope it doesn't get any worse over the years, cos the energy companies will LOVE it. Esay mony for them.

Woke up to snow, stopped for a little while around 1ish, was snowing again at 3pm when I set out to get the boy from school.

Latest forecast says it will stop on Sunday and be back on Monday.  Very fine flakes this time, made the pushchair heavy going.  Really hope it clears up over the weekend, I suppose if it carries on, I've only got 4 more days of pushchair vs snow wrestling before we break up for Easter.