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Pennine Petal
My holidays start tomorrow, looks like I won't be going out if it carries on all night.

 .........I am speechlesssssssss!!

Everything outside under a foot of snow.  No snow forecast for tomorrow (Sunday), but snow forecast every day next week.  Fed up of it now, sun was shining this afternoon and it was STILL manging to snow.  HOW????


It snowed yesterday quite fat snow, then has snowed again overnight.. No gardening this weekend..


When my family were teenagers we had an easter that waas snowy - 10-12 years ago - and they made an easter snow bunny holding abunch of daffodils

But even then I don't think it was such a prolonged cold


Jean Genie

Thinking back , I can remember it snowing in April once but nothing like this.

I've also seen the forecast . Looks like we are in for a baltic Easter.

Did you say cornflakes Brumbull?

While its been snowing in Britain, it's raining on and off in Ireland ,I went down to my allotment

today and parts of it are under 4"of water .on the 17th I emptied a rain gauge and today it was

nearly full that's 3.5" .


Pootering around, bundled up to teddy bear proportions...found that the outdoor thermometer had given up and crashed..found on the ground 

...last reading 1 degree

Brought it indoors but...not change...  sigh

No more snow for us - yet, the skies are full of it, once the temperature drops when the sun goes down, the snow will start again.  Did a quick run to the local ASDA, now stocked up on bread, milk & cereals (all the tatties had gone already).  Meant to do the 'big shop' this week, but I don't know if they're bothering to send the vans out.  Came back the pretty way, good job we were in a land rover, up on some of the hills there are drifts upto 4ft, and the roads are treacherous as the snow is blowing from the drifts back onto the roads.

I will be without my car now whilst the snow is on the roads - at least I know my OH will be able to get to work and back (anything in his way will be nudged gently out of his way).  Meanwhile I dare not tear open any seed packets, even if things germinate, there is nowhere for them to go.


have none of you guys listened to your radio BBC4 ,its not good ,more snow forecast for the

whole of next week 



I've had enough of this weather - not much chance of potatoes being planted for a few weeks yet. Very tempted to nip down to Thos Cook and book last minute trip to the Red Sea - the thought of a week on a warm beach is a Siren song getting louder and louder!

No snow at the moment, it's forecast heavy again tonight.  It is however, blowing a gale, and I'm glad I'm on the laptop, it's great for keeping my knees warm!  Now all I need to do is figure out how to keep my ears warm ....short of wearing my hat indoors not quite sure what to do.

Not looking forward to venturing out in the near-gale with the pushchair.  When people clear their drives why do they not think of other people on wheels - prams, wheelchairs, etc, round here there are lots of parallel mountains of snow where folks have just shovelled their drive clear without thinking what effect it has on pedestrians.  So now it's back to my high-vis jacket so I can walk down the middle of the road with a small boy and a pushchair and at least be seen.

Coming back from the supermarket yesterday was interesting, there were some bits of the A57 that were down to one lane, you'd think that at least they'd get a snowplough out for an A-Road?

Gardening Grandma

Looks like a reasonable day out there. Snowed last evening but did not settle. Often, you might just as well look out of the window as listen to the forecast, our weather is so changeable. Maybe I'll get some gardening done outside - mulching, bulb planting, feeding, topping up pots, etc. Plenty to do.

Beautiful sunshine here, no snow but temp hovering around freezing. Hope it's still sunny when I get up later from post work kip.



I have been worrying about when would be the best time to cut the grass, the local council (bless em) have started cutting grass in this area.  I did notice that the grass is not growing so fast this year so maybe save a little on electric.  Not so good inside though heating bills going throught the roof.  Heard on the radio that this weather is going to last well into Ap;ril and maybe longer.

 a bright sunny day here..

BB I cut my grass and edges last week..two days of sunshine and the wind had dried it out enough..looks ok..trimmed edges too...aerated a weedy bit but didn't scarify..not expecting to be able to do much more befor end of april.

enjoy the day - whatever you're doing  

Cut my grass two weeks ago, and scarified it a week ago - in today's sunshine the lawn looks great! I'm lucky that I live high on a hill and drainage is great - some of the soil is looking very dry in places, and I've been watering some of the pots and wall planters.

Lovely sunny day here, but temperatures dropping like a lead balloon when the sun goes down.  The sun is lovely, and did have a bit of power in it, lots of things dripping as the snow melts, but the ground still frozen solid.  Fed up with it now, want a thaw so I can sow things and know there will be somewhere to put them (wonder if I could swap a kidney for a greenhouse?)

Mark Hindwell

Had a flurry of snow first thing in essex but has been bright sunshine for the most of today,even managed to get in the pond and sort pumps outs,also first sign of hostas coming into view down the shelterd bit of the garden