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No cutting of grass here either, it's covered by an inch of new snow this morning! Yesterday it rained and seemed to warm up a bit, but St. Peter was just having us on! Poor birdies are completely confused, have run out of bird food and the shops have removed any supplies and exchanged it for fertilizer, slug pellets etc. etc. It's enough to make you spit!!!!


SSue the shops here are full of shorts, bikinis and skimpy tops...and that's just the menswear department... You'd think it was 80 degrees out there...oh well i suppose we can dream...

Very cold this morning -4 but good news the sun is out now it was a nice day yesterday got my veg bed ready and covered for planting once the frost decides to stay away.


Looks like spring is set to finally arrive in Essex next week.


Gardening Grandma

Yes, cold but good enough to get outside. Great! Fat Club was interesting, steamed pudding and custard today, low-calorie version of course!  Scrumptious! Now for some planting.

Gardening Grandma wrote (see)

Yes, cold but good enough to get outside. Great! Fat Club was interesting, steamed pudding and custard today, low-calorie version of course!  Scrumptious! Now for some planting.

Oooh custard! Just had some of daughter's chocolate egg though  

Get those sweet peas done GG!! My basil just starting to poke through now too.

Just below zero when I went to work this morning but sun came out. Cloudy now

Brumbull wrote (see)
Fairy , apparently the nice lady who reads the weather forecast as said this evening that a warm front is approaching. ......... ....... Sssssssssssssssssshhhh it's is approaching us for early next week ?

Brum- In that case -I'll get me coat....

Off !! 

I'll believe it when I see it!!


I'll look out my shorts Brum, but I'll keep the fleeces, scarves and thermal drawers handy just in case! 


Spring will be here in about 10 days' time  


Im a why-child so I had to look up the reason why Spring was so late coming...apparently its because of global warming.

Greenland was having a warm spell that acted like a stone in a stream or in this case the Alantic Ocean, stopping or diverting the warm weather that normally rises from the south and causing cold air flows from the north and east.

Brumbull wrote (see)
Splendid this afternoon , lol can we have more of this the rest of the week please ?

We're to get rain next long as it remembers to go back off before September or so 


Yes Brum..that horrible wet stuff that we get tons of up here normally!

Clouded over now and wind getting up 

Did a lot yesterday so might do the ironing 

Perhaps I'll content myself with planning my new garden and watching the Gr National instead! 


OMG! The weather today has been incredible here in sunny Kent.

Okay, it's not balmy temps, but the most beautiful spring day for getting out in the garden and catching up on all those jobs that didn't get done in the last four weeks of sub-zero temps.

I've been moving shrubs, planting perennials, improving soil, potting on and tying in and loving every minute.

Hip hip hooray



Brumbull, this sounds like the kind of weather that New York gets; perhaps we need to look at what they grow?



We have just had an almighty storm in Bristol.  Thunder and lightning and hailstones and all the time the sun was shining.  Here is the picture I took of my garden from the back door.



Sorry brumbull glorious here now the rain has stopped, i'll send it over for you this time tomorrow

Just one problem huge mounds of top soil to dig and spread and can i find a spade...


Did you find your spade yet Blackest??

Weather's s**** here!!

Could do the ironing if I had half a mind....but I don't 

Plan how much hedge I need and what kind instead I think....


north manchester . sunny warm and showers cloudy at times