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The potty gardener

Marion, that looks really lovely.

Been spitting a little here. I went out and cleared a water feature. One of those with pebbles and a trickle of water . I want to replace it with a new one. it was amazing how many pebbles there were.

Also planted up some dianthus which have been in a mini greenhouse all winter.

Moved a few pots around and then a lovely soak reading more gardening mags.

Fog is my bugbear, I'd rather have anything than fog...rain, snow, hail, sleet, wind, sunshine....draw the line at a rain of frogs though.  I just hate the grey, damp horribleness of fog.

My favourite is sunshine with a light breeze - perfect drying weather!  Only trouble with that is A) we hardly ever get that kind of weather, and B), as my natural skin colour tends towards light blue, I get sunburnt and go a fetching lobster red colour.

Was pickling it down this morning when I walked small boy to school, and drizzly when I picked him up again.  Now I don't need to go out, lovely sunshine - and no OH back from work so I can sneak over the road for some bramble action.

Hope it's like this tomorrow, might be able to sneak off for an hour or, if and when are they showing qualifying highlights from Bahrain?  Off to look at Telly schedules....


I sat out with lovely neighbours and had the first barbeque of summer this evening; ok we cooked out doors, and ate indoors, but we sat facing the sunset and enjoyed the heat. But have lit the heater in the greenhouse for the night.

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