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Last weekend I took loads of stuff out of the greenhouse, not tender things, last year's lavender from seed, hardy (more or less) salvias etc. On Friday I put them all back in


bitter cold here in durham. i,m starting things off at home in kitchen window

freezing and snowing here,so fed up,so much to do can't get on..tho also got 6x2ft trench dug in front for lead pipes to be replaced,half garden and half existing perennials...buried under huge pile of earth..hope some will survive,our 1st spring and summer here,so don't even realkly know what's there...


Snow falling, leaves of everything wind scorched through the night, the few daffs that had stated to open are flat on the ground, so will cut them and bring them in for my mum. Nowhere near ready for planting out yet, the winds here are always strong, last night even worse. Oh! the benefits of living in a high remote area? No neighbours for a mile and half though, so I suppose that's a benefit.



The Fens; about 2cm of snow on the ground, but it is still coming in from the North East horizontally and the sun is shining brightly, how weird is that? My little Apricot is having it's first spring in the greenhouse and is in bud; this is the time where it really must not get frost on it. Have a small Paraffin heater on and hope I don't have to put the large one on as Paraffin is about £8 for 4 litres these days.


Brumbull, Thank you


We seem to be getting away with the worst of the weather.  Bitterly cold (just below freezing about an hour ago) but we do have blue sky and sunshine and a few grey/white clouds. Which is in contract to 5 miles up the coast where they have had a covering of  snow overnight.  Hope I have spoken too soon!

Lavender Lady

Bitterly cold wind here today, about 2 inches of snow overnight and very cold.   Poor birds desperately looking for food again.  Come on spring, hurry up, thought you were here last week.  Last Monday I was out in the garden, no coat and happily pottering about in my garden.


Snowing here and a bitter east wind.  Set to get to -3C tonight plus wind factor and colder as the week goes on.   Very frustrating as I can hobble fairly well now and had my eye on pruningtheroses and teh rest of the clems.  Maybe next week.


Eye watering out there. Think I'll start decorating the bedroom.


Not been done for nearly 20years Bunny. Must be time.


nutcutlet, you are brave; just about to venture out myself, a quick dash to the compost bin!


Bunny ...
I'd wait another 20 nut

About to brave a wander to greenhouse .... Brrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrrr

Really odd weather here.  Alternating between really heavy snow showers (where I almost can't see the rowan tree at the bottom of the garden - and its not a big garden) and bright sunshine that starts melting everything.

Bitterly cold outside, the wind finds it's way into any gaps in all my layers of clothes (I'm proper nesh).  Few flakes floating down now, will be a deluge in a couple of minutes.  OH has taken my car so he can at least get into work and get home again.  I love my rusty, trusty land rover!  At least I know he will get home eventually!  Not looking forward to taking the little one out in the pushchair to pick up the bigger one.  It needs skis fitting.


It sure does look like Spring is on hold at the moment as Winter decides to take another bite at us.......but it WILL get better........just hang on in


Less cold by the end of the week-but still cold-we will forget about this in a couple of weeks

Jean Genie

Massive big snowstorm here now. Fed up with it.