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Hi everyone, I hope you haven,t had too much damage to your gardens. It was certainly rough last night. We got away with very little , just pots blown over and still the winds continue sweeping over us this morning.On a good note the sun is out.


Hi, here in Norfolk was the noiesiest night so far,the pampas in the porch is growing in number every day ,18 cut down yesterday and 2 so far today, running out of porch,the wind was screaming like you here in horror films so loud hardly got a wink of my beauty sleep, but no real other damage i can see amongst the builders rubish we have at the moment, but its looking better for next week i hope,


It as the noisiest night so far here as well, nothing else has come close. It's still at it now though maybe not as bad. I was going to a plants meeting this afternoon but when I thought of all the trees looming over the roads on the way I changed my mind.

flowering rose

very wet and windy and yet again the somerset levels gets  a deluge .We have just walked the front of severn beach and wind nearly blew us off our feet and got a soaking to boot.Good job the tide was out! Trees and things blown over and water every where but I thought I saw the sun just now.


Hi Flowering rose, Your walk sounds bracing to say the least. We,ve had sunshine in Cambs for most of the day and battering winds. Which seem to have died down now. Fingers crossed for peaceful dry night.Here,s hoping the Somerset levels begin be sorted soon. I can,t imagine what it must be like for everyone affected by these terrible weather events. And let,s hope that the government remembers charity begins at home.   


It was bad here (Gloucester) last night too.  Strongest winds we've experienced and we seem to have come through unscathed.  Our neighbour has lost some ridge tiles and another one possibly some chimney pot but I'm not sure if they had been removed previously.

The ironic thing with the ridge tiles is that my neighbour had his all redone a few years ago - obviously not done well!


wet and windy . nothing like weds though . keep warm and safe guys and eat cake

We didn't have it too bad here, Wednesday was worse.

Part of the neighbours fence has blown into my garden so I had a lock fitted to the back gate today, which sounds really unchristian but he's the neighbour from hell, usually very rude and obnoxious, Don't know how it will be repaired as he has a trellis built in front of it and I have a shed and trellis 1ft into my garden. It's his fence and previous communications has gone through the council or police.

He can be very intimidating, I don't want him waiting till I'm out at work to do any repairs either, at least this way he will need to knock on my door and we can arrange a time when I'm at home. He knows the fence has blown in as he was out today whilst the lock was being fitted. Here's hoping he will be reasonable, hell may freeze over first though.      

Yep, noisy here.  Those winds were the strongest for a very lomg time.  No personal damage last night 

Zoomer, shame about your neighbour from hell.  Don't let this guy intimidate you.  Hate bullies.  Always found when confronted they become cowards.  (boxing skills from childhood have helped me with this attitude tho .  Always believed the bigger they are the harder they fall). 


No damage luckily.  A neighbour lost a big conifer but that's been cleared now and only broke one fence panel.  Just wish our boiler hadn't chosen today to break brrrrrr.

Scott Edwards

Really strong winds last night. The noise frightened the cat and kept me awake. A section of three fence panels damaged at the vicarage and two trees came down in my churchyard.


Jumpers and blankets for you Mrs G 

Scott Edwards

Zoomer, is your neighbour the owner of the property or is it rented accommodation, council housing or housing association. If your neighbour is the owner of the property it might be worth contacting your local Police Community Support Officer for some advice. If he is the tenant, I would contact the landlord or housing association direct to ask them to organise for the fencing to be repaired.


Scott, that is very good advice. Also if he is a tenant of a Housing Assoc. he will probably have some wording in his lease that requires him to behave in a neighbourly fashion.

Brumbull, what is SAF?


Yep.  Not so much the heating as we can wrap up it's the fact that it's a combi boiler so no hot water.  


Morning all,what a great day erein Norfolk, sunshine ,mild wind,almost warm,hope weve all got it, can only happen in in GB  more please

Scott Edwards

A lovely day today. My wife and I have just returned from Wisley. The smell of the Daphne's was amazing. Feeling inspired for the gardening season ahead!


That's a wonderful place Scott. Those daphnes are fantastic

Scott. The neighbour is the owner and problems with him are historical, was going to wait and see if he knocks on my door this week to discuss the fence, if not was gonig to knock on his door with a friend.The panel is part behind the shed and is more of a problem for him than me. The local PCSO might be worth a try.

Went down to the new allotment yesterday and most of the stuff/rubbish I'd piled at the top of the plot, despite being weighted down had disappeared, in the wind no doubt, retrieved what I could and started a new pile.