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we have a couple of these growning round front of the house. Its about 10inches high.

Does anybody know what it is?

Is it safe to keep (besides asthetics) or better to remove (e.g. spreads like crazy, poisons neighbour's dog, is out for world domination...)?

Many thanks



Definitely bluebells.  Leave them another couple of weeks and then remove all the foliage.  They will come up again next spring


Spanish Bluebells too judging by the vertical flower spikes?

thanks all.  just read up on them on the web, sounds like they spread quite quickly but other than potentially becoming a nuissance in terms of spreading out they are not really dangerous or anything.  i guess i wil ljust pull out the ones i dont like.





JJ7 fork them out stick in a pot and you might decide to have them elsewhere in your garden  or just grow them in a pot, nice bit of spring colour.

thanks all.  will just remove them before they spread, but not too fussed about the ones already there.

they are completely resistant to glyphosate i noticed because i used weedkiller on other stuff in that little area.

thanks all for help.

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