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Guess better check you calender since spring always come around march 20-22.

Spring weather is another matter.




Good morning Brumbull   At least if the weather's that bad I won't feel guilty being wined and dined by my children on Mothering Sunday rather than being out in the garden 

Gary Hobson

Yes. The weather forecast does appear to be severe in the midlands from next Monday.

Normally frost at night doesn't matter too much, at least for plants in a greenhouse, as the greenhouse is able to warm up during the day. However, in this case the daytime temperture is forecast to be around zero, with no sunshine. So temperatures in a cold greenhouse will become dangerous.

The forecast could be wrong. The Met Office does have a dreadful record for accuracy. And we don't know how long this cold snap will last, if it happens.

Personally, I intend to assess the forecast on Saturday and, if it still looks bad, then I shall bring a few seedlings and choice plants into the house for a couple of days.


Good morning , It's a cold misty damp day here in Clogher but on the bright side there's no snow forecast


The forecast is very cold over the next few days but at the moment it very wet but mild. I am relieved I have not removed the fleece bag from my tender plant in the garden. In the GH I have put up a large cloche inside it and am hoping it will be enough to protct the seedlings. I have put some overwintered new plants out in a small plastic growhouse which has some holes in it so I may pop those back into the gh for  a few days

I guess if it is really sub-zero I can put some fleece over seedlings and everything else just keep my fingers crossed


Jess is in the Garden

Very wet and grey here near Hampstead Heath - hard landscaping almost done but taking a break this weekend as its too cold to stay out long and even with 2 pairs of woolly socks my feet froze!

Thank goodness my plants from online store aren't coming 'til Thursday next week then - phew. No greenhouse to put them if they had arrived during the freeze: meant to be zero on Monday - ouch.

Thanks for letting us know about GW - I would have missed it!

We have been warned to expect SNOW on Sunday night and very cold temps. Can't be, it's so mild today

Mild and very wet on Saturday but getting progressively colder on Sunday so -5C expected overnight and snow on Monday continuing cold.   Brrr.

Afternoon on the Wirral the overnight temps are going to fall below freezing during the next few days....thought we had left all this cold weather behind...
I actually thought it WAS spring last week, got the dates mixed up!!!!! I even posted a thread on it.

hi everyone here in torquay been very mild lovely day today tomorrow even better but on sunday rather cold and misty from the moors,but fortunatly we dont get snow very often and yes i take some of the comments with a pinch of salt some people can be downright rude.but on the whole this is a lovely site,thank you all.

I thort you meant I was that person Brumbull with numerous names......hope not, I love this site, anyway fingers crossed the weather will start warming up soon.
Woodgreen wonderboy

This is definitely the most perilous time of year for gardens and gardeners!! It only needs one hard frost to undo all your hard work and this can happen well into April and even May. The later they are the more damaging. It's great to have springlike conditions at this time of year, and it is a great boost to our morale.  It's always a bit of a gamble which gardenoholics can rarely resist. Me neither.


Snow is forecast for the Fens, so am glad I haven't started sowing anything yet.


Oh 'eck - I've not seen the forecast - are we due for any ???


Bunny ...
Well it's been icy blasts here since Thursday , even colder today ... Not pleasant and snow/rain forecast brrrrrrr , hate being cold.

Oh well. My latest gadget, a daylight therapy sunilght box lamp, arrived in a huge box with lots of mega bubble wrap. So I can pretend it's sunny in the house, and drape the bubble wrap around the greenhouse. And bloke's just had new big grippy tires put on his 4WD, so I'll be able to slither off to work...