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Hi while I was waiting for G/W to start I went into BBC weather service on page 400 any one living from Scotland and down the east coast is in for some very unseasonal weather next week



Thanks Derek, that's really cheered me up 

just Googled Norich $%^&**




Hello all, now I'm back from the north and found many office-work  , but don't worry. If you want, you can look at some images I shot in the north. We use Pin,s 44th birthday and ride (sailing boat, plane, Jeep) from the south 1000km to our farm. There we have to look at our Dragon Fruits. So I shot the pics of the blossoms. Later I come back to our forum, see you later alli...ThaiGer. LOOK HERE.


Tiger, I only have time to see a bit of this, but what lovely flowers!

Here in the Fens it is very wet, which is a nuisance, I was all geared up to make more staging/shelves for the greenhouse. Also want to continue the Great Spring Clear-up and Organise, hey ho, thank heaven I only work occasionally, maybe the weather will improve later in the week


@artjak, hello, what is thank heaven, please?


Tiger, it is a way of saying thank you to the god(s)

ThaiGer have a god  ? I think, never a god want have if I die... . But it's okay, than I must not see all the people, which makes me angry..., Sometime- friends and me- we talk about God and Buddha, Christianity and Buddhism. What idiology is more peaceful, more humen? Which ideology is more friendly to the people? Many questions, and no correct answers...


never say never...


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