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Well that's it! I officially ran out if space. After setting my courgettes and gazania kiss series in my propogators (windowsill) I decided to take stock. However I still want to plant some tomato seeds and some scabiosa and some penstemon, and centaurea. But I only want a couple. I was wracking my brains on how to do this. So decided to make windowsill propogators of my own. One bottle, cotton wool and clingfilm. Very Blue Peter!!! Anyone else tried this??? Anyone know how long the above will take to germinate, will the perennials be ok for this year or too juvenile to plant out?? Help....
Hiya red you never rest? Ha ha
Penstemon cuttings are so easy and quick. Do you know anyone growing them? Now is time to cut them back and se the cuttings. Much quicker than seeds...I know you like your seeds though. Scabious too by splitting or cuttings.
Pennine Petal
My penstemons are looking a bit ratty Verdun, should I cut them back?

I haven't sown a single seed this year...yet. I intend to catch up this week .

In between riding and planting my tatties and carrots I hatched a plan of what extra I wanted, my scabiosa is still green from last year. Not sure entirely which bit to take cutting from.

May go cutting route. Dad lost all penstemon in hard winter. Will the seed take too long to come??

Any clue how to split/multiply my Veronica???? Only planted it last summer!


The centaurea is seed from someone that lost theirs so again got to set seed if I want some.

Also I have some cineraria silver dust that lasted over the winter. Do I take cuttings?? How??? Would be nice to make new rejuvenated compact plants for my family this year

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