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Never mind everything else (excluding Nigel of course) but I would give my eye teeth to have my sweetpeas growing like MD's. Mine are looking VERY sad indeed.

Nigel is becoming quite a star.....hogging the camera too much lately......more, more please. Only an hour long programme will do, I trhink!


Don't like the gimmick of having the dog prowling around.Think this series is very laboured and slow, matching the presenter's style.Been quite disappointed overall, actually


Stopped watching after the first few minutes, had trouble staying awake they are sooo slow.

dont agree with lowenna love montys style and whats wrong with having the family dog in the garden with you my dog follows me all round my garden. monty is so natuall


Aaaah,what a shame....Lovenna & co are having a bad'll be fine tomorrow.


I agree that if you have a dog (or cat), of course they are part of the garden and life in it.  However, wasnt pleased when my young springer spaniel 'helped' me on the allotment but snaffling all the strawberries I had just picked.  I went to look at the bowl to see how many we had and Murphy had his nose in and had eaten half of them.  He has a taste for them now (along with carrots, peas and runner beans!).

My cat also helps to 'chit' the potatoes when they are in their trays by sitting on them like a proud hen!



i love hte show.. and yes at times in bit slow.. but that is when it is about something i do not grow or have etc.. i do wish it ws on for an hour.. it really needs more time..then we can get to see more gardening tips.

it is vrey good to see that his crops have failed or not gone as good as normal this year.. just like everyone elses.. makes me feel that it is not my fault afterall

Nigel is great.. thou he does get lot of camera time.. and i am still waiting to see how Carol's astrantia seeds did.. i planted mine when she did.. and wish to know if hers germinated or not..

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