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I am curious to know what people are sowing in their unheated greenhouses at this time. I have a heated propagator which I have dragged out of hibernation and have it ready to fire up in the conservatory ( also unheated)  and was wondering what's occurring in other greenhouses across the land. Is it too soon to start sowing tomatoes (some packets say sow from January, but that seems a bit early to me)

I live in Berkshire




I have seeds sown, hardy perennials hoping for a chill. My next sowing will be in a few weeks for those that don't need a chill.


In a couple of weeks i'll start some off in a heated windowsill propagator - flowers mostly - rudbeckia, delphiniums, dahlias and lupins.  I will also get going on sweetpeas in loorolls.  The tomatoes, cucumbers, cosmos and cleomes will wait til March.  I move things from windowsill to unheated GH once the clocks go forward and i can visit them once a day (work full time, so don't see the GH in daylight ours from one weekend to the next at the moment).  What about you?  What are you going to sow in your conservatory??

Well eventually (i.e. next month) I will start sowing my broccoli, lettuces and probably tomatoes As you said, Chicky, I will be sowing same flowers as you. I have to say I have never grown dahlias from seed before - only corms - so I might try them. Also, I was thinking of trying onions from seed instead of the sets.

Tomorrow, as it is going to be wet again (It was lovely here today.) I shall take a spend a couple of hours perusing the seed section my local garden centres for fresh ideas. Hence the reason for my question.


Its my first go at dahlias too - folks on here recommended Bishops Children, so i thought i'd give them a go!  Done delphs and rudbeckias before with some success.  Exciting, isn't it



..much too early for me... so nothing doing... start mid March usually...

Yes very exciting.

I shall also be looking for bulbs to plant to give a show in spring/summer for a tired looking bed I cleared last autumn. I put in some daffs, tulips and anenomes then and new leaves are sprouing nicely.  I should have put bigger numbers in I think for better displays.  

Tomorrow ( Tuesdays)  our garden centre has 10% off for over 60's so I usually take a list of bits then.  Great stuff


I'm the same as Salino. March for me before I'll sow anything. I'll do some tomatoes, lettuce and sweet peas. Any other annuals I want to grow will be done in situ. May do  more sweet peas that way as well. Our season starts later so I get colour at  the end   instead.

I did some white buddleia cuttings last year and a few people wanted them so I'll sort that later too. Unfortunately when they were undercover for a while, the little growhouse blew over and some of the pots got knocked about and they got mixed up with the purple ones so I'll have to check them before I send any! 

i was going to leave all mine in dining room-east facing,little used-like i did last year, though this year i've bought a little pop up greenhouse so would they be better in there all along or after they sprout?

Louise - i always "sprout" mine indoors and then move them out.

I find that if i don't start flowers like rudbeckia off in mid Feb it is a struggle to get flowers out of them til summer is almost over. So i will stick with my tried and tested method of flowers in Feb, tomatoes etc etc in March

However, i am in the south east, so that maybe why it works

i'm up is cold!!

Ashleigh 2

I've probably started a lot of mine a bit early, indoors on a north facing window sill but will go outside to a coldframe later. Trying Aconitum, Malva 'Mystic Merlin' Asters, Francoa, knautia 'Melton Pastels Catananche and Dianthus. I find perennials much harder than annuals but if I get a few it saves a lot of money.The only annuals I've started are Lobelia, because I've heard they're quite slow growing and Coleus because I want to have time to take and grow cuttings from any particularly gorgeous ones before our church summer fair. The rest of the annuals I'll sow in a couple of weeks.


Aconitum likes a chill Ashleigh. Get it outside, unprotected

I've already gone for broad beans, cabbage and swiss chard all inside on a windowsill. Despite the winsowsill being south facing the lack of light has made the broad beans grow rather taller and less bushy than I would of liked. They will still be going out into the patch next week though. This was about three weeks ago and I'll be sowing more of the same plus lettuce this week.

Ashleigh 2

I put the Asters in the fridge for two weeks, the Aconitum  (Spatlese) packet said room temperature for two weeks then fridge for six weeks and then outside, is there a better way? My fridge is colder than outside at the moment at least during the day. I would like to grow Aconitum Spark's Variety but does anyone know if you can grow that from seed?  



You can collect and grow seed from Spark's V but strictly speaking it's not SV. That can only be increase by splitting/cutting.

I  never use the fridge method but this year I wonder if I should have. There's been very little cold outside. Usually I consider outside and cold GH a better way. It's less faffing around.

Do you have them sown in pots in the fridge or in polybags of compost. I have a spare fridge in the shed and I'm wondering about putting some of the pots in there for a while. But they won't all go in.


I never use the fridge method either, the Oh would go mad. I have usually found that 6 weeks in the greenhouse [ unheated ] does the trick.

I have sown some Calendula and cornflowers in modules today. They tend to germinate at low temperature and will get planted out in March.

Inside sowing will start in about 2 weeks, particularly the HHAs as they need some time to get ready for flowering.

No expert

Don't have a greenhouse so no sowing here till spuds in mid March. Everywhere is flooded anyway so no hope of doing anything except forcing a bit of rhubarb.

I sowed some 'Prarie Fire' chillies yesterday, into my heated window ledge propagator. Every year I say I wont grow them again, 'cos I have hundreds of chillies in my freezer from previous years.

I mean, how many chillies can anyone get through in 12 months?

I have just planted my Sweet Peas and Aquilegia and they are now sitting quite comfortably on the kitchen windowsill. I will have to have a look through my seeds to see what else I need to sow. May need to pot up my dahlia tubers soon too. I know what you mean Lancashire Lass, I too have loads of chillies still in the freezer but will be planting more!