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I left my boyfriend unattended today! He and the dog seemed to get a bright idea and now I have 2 arches in my tiny back garden and new guttering and Waterbutt (unfinished!) Apparently the arch near the veg bed if for our climbing French beans and the green arch near the lawn and boarders is for sweet peas. Didn't have the heart to tell him I'm about a month off planting any if those. Take a look and let me know what you think...
Red dahlia, can't see your picture.
Ok, you have things in place..arches, waterbutt etc...and that's good, isn't it?
Just explain the plants will have to wait a bit longer...he will understand. He's keen though, another good thing!

Howay man pet.  Oh gawd, it's that time of night when I am revealing my Geordie leek-growing roots and what I call every woman from my mother to my granddaugther, so please do not take offence.  Like Verdun, I can't see the pic, but I reckon your BF has got the gardening bug. That is good.  He's done it in good time for the ground to settle and should be applauded.  Anyway, if you're worried, I'm sure you can "prepare" the ground in the next couple of weeks which will make him thnk you are appreciative.  Red Dahlia, eh?  I take it you're not the Bishop of LLandaff then?

No, onion breath, I'm the bishop of llandaff.
I do like the Geordie style, the passion and the football mania. I have a feeling Newcastle will win the Europa league. Oops! I bet you're a Sunderland fan

To be honest Verdun, I'm not a football fan at all, never have been.  By the way, Sunderland people are "Makems" (as we geordies call them).  Geordies are from the Newcastle area, Sunderland is in Wearside, a wonderful area with wonderful people, but a separate culture.  And if anyone calls the commentator on Big Brother a "Geordie" they're more wrong, as he's a Teessider, from Middlesbrough area - even further South...somewhere I've worked and loved at the time, but another different culture.  Seriously, North-East England is a minefield (and we've even missed out Durham in the middle!)

Anyway, I'm an adopted Cumbrian now, so I've taken my native leek/onion growing culture to the Furness Peninsula, but have never got used to the higher rainfall/snails



hope that helps, if you want to know how to do this message me

Alina W

I think you should think up some more garden jobs for him - he's obviously keen!

Thanks blackest. Can't post pictures direct from iPhone. I'm reliant on helpful PC people! I think I may need to think if more jobs!!!!

Red Dahlia - you've obvously got a good'un there - if you can't think of any more jobs at the moment, perhaps you could hire him out? 


I think its pretty good that he went out of his own accord and did that. My OH is getting more into gardening now finally and will get excited about doing more than just mowing the lawn. Looking at things in my gardening books and getting a 'oh, thats really nice' or 'could we get one of those' instead of hhmmff mumble mumble. 

Gardening Grandma

Mine too, DD. He even bought a clematis for the garden, a real first! He still likes mowing best, though.


Those arches will be lovely for your sweet peas and beans. Glad Blackest has cracked how to post your pix, you'll have a team of us soon!

I was thinking about getting a garden arch for sweet peas but I don't have a small wall like reddahlia and some others of you. I have 2 small box hedges either side (bit too small at the moment - more like box plants). 

You don't need a wall, Dd. Have you got a path it could span? Or even plonk it in a border?
My only worry is the wind. They may catch it bad. I wash happy indeed and threw me!i do mowing and digging etc, but not going to stop this enthusiasm.

I also have 3 bags of sand sat next to the raised bed as apparently he wants to grow some giant flakkee carrots!

Also he was telling me last night that he has found the raised bed idea for the front of the house. Wait for it.... Tractor tyres!!!!

No way!!!!! That will look v odd and weird at the front!!! I was thinking oak sleepers and willow fence not tractor tyres!!!!



Dave the box hedges will be good as they would focus your eye through the arch to whatever was beyond. You could always extend the frame for sweet peas by taking supports along  the back of the box (till it's bigger) and giving you a nice 'sweep' of sweet peas. Never had much success with other halves in the garden. One obviously thought a gardening 'fairy' came in the night and did the work and most recent one liked to chop everything to 'a manageable height'.  OB- Cumbrian weather very similar to west of Scotland. A wildlife pond for frogs and getting plenty of birds into garden is best way to get rid of the slugs I find. I mean the feathery kind....


Yeah Fig, I have a patio then grass little mock up piccy - (not included the borders but you get the idea)


Red dahlia, tyres can look good. An allotment near me has several tyre planters. They were plastered with mud....doesnt sound good does it but it looked fine.
You could plant aubretia or nasturtiums around the edge
I grow carrots well on my light soil but I did once grow what I called "crowbar" carrots. I made deep holes and filled them with sieved soil and organic fertiliser. I had HUGE carrots and they were delicious. And boy! Didn't I boast to everyone?

Verdun, what type of carrot was that?

Just returned from riding and low and behold the lawns are nearly mowed!!! My gosh!!!!!