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 Do you think these are Dianthus Arctic Fire? (Story to follow...)

Normally on the packaging there is a label with your name and address on and the plant name on it too

Orchid Lady

I'm not sure but judging my your comment 'story to follow' and where they came from, I'm guessing possibly not?? 


Bumping as neighbour has been sent the same plant with his Dahlia order.



Did he order anything other than dahlias?  Perhaps this is a free mystery gift.

Orchid Lady

Was it a rhetorical question? 


Dianthus deltoides  do look like that. They only have tiny flowers. Good for edging but not for cutting.

Was that what you were expecting?

They're certainly not dahlias.


Oh go on.... tell us the story.....


Allowing for the fuzzies I think that could be Dianthus deltoides. 

You'll have to wait and see if it's Arctic Fire

OK. A bit more of the story (will tell the full story later.) I ordered Dianthus Arctic Fire, wasn't sure that the plants I received were what I ordered, sent a photo to T&M, heard nothing, five emails and one phone call later (cost me ??2 because I didn't realise their customer service was a premium number), they agreed to send replacements. So I assume that what I received were not Dianthus Arctic Fire.

I appreciate the offer to replace - but I have 36 of these plants and just wonder what they are. Can anyone help? They were ordered as 36 plug plants from the Spring catalogue. I think they may be lobelia or laurentia. Any other ideas? Or shall I just wait until they flower and let you know?

P.S. Will let you know when the replacements arrive.

Can you take a clearer picture and we should be able to better identify but they do look like dianthus deltoids



Why do you think these are not Dianthus Berkley?

Mainly because T&M have said they will be sending me 36 replacements in May! They offered to do this after I sent them a photo...

The plants I received initially were in excellent condition.... They just didn't have the typical dianthus leaf shape I expected and I thought I would check....

Maybe they are dianthus deltoides! I'll let you all know.



Maybe it's easier for a big company to send a replacement than to get into long discussions and explanations.


Maybe - but all they had to do was confirm I had been sent the correct plants......

I have also had few issues with T&M.

i had ordered 6 climber last year. The original did not arrive. It was supposed to be 2 different varieties of jasmine, passIon flowers and honeysuckle.

i've got the replacement now. But one of the plant had no leaves at all.  This was supposed to be pink jasmin. Now it has gown a bit and it has the same leaves as one of the passionflower.

i have been very very disappointed with them And will never used them again.


I must just say, I ordered a few things from T&M this year and most of them were broken, because the postman decided to put them threw the letter box, and we were in at the time, won't buy anything more from them !!!!!


Orchid Lady

I think a few of us have had issues with T&M, I have only ever had the 'free' plants from them which on the whole have been ok.  I did order some seeds though  that took ages to come considering 3 orders placed in the same day, others with free delivery all arrived within a couple of days and T&M charged delivery which I expected to be first class - £2.95 for 2 small packets of seeds! It took over a week!!! I won't use them again.