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Ihave a small green plant in a pot that grew out side it looks like a christmas cherry small white flowers then green berrys that turned black. any clue what it is .


Not without a pic JJ


a picture would be good...could be privet or elder or something else. What size are the berries and how are they arranged?

Hi JJ, look up woody nightshade on Google, that might be the one


I know lots of things with white flowers, green then black berries.

But I don't know what a Christmas cherry is



Cheisrmas cherry is Solanum capsicastrum or Solanum Pseudo-Capsicum,


I know the ones you mean Berghill, didn't know they were called Christmas cherry.


Sorry JJ, I should have said Black Nightshade, just a brain fog on my fingers


Christmas Box?  Sarcococca confusa.  That has small shiny dark green leaves, small white flowers followed by black berries.

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