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Mark 499

Looks like a Gooseberry



One of the Astrantia or a Geum?


It's got prickles

Are there any clues? Is it growing in a garden or in the wild? 

It's leaves are like gooseberries but it's manner of growth looks more like a rubus

Paul Anderson
Yeah it's got prickles,it's growing in a garden, three of them spread out together etc which is weird as it looks like they were planted etc



They will have been planted, they're not weeds. Or if they are they're not native weeds. Are there flowers or fruits/seeds forming? I can't see any

Mark 499

I still think they are Gooseberries, the growth all looks like this years so there will not be any flowers as they fruit on old wood, have they been cut down recently?


I'd go with a gooseberry. If you leave it alone it should flower next year. It looks like it got overpruned( butchered) last year.

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