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Orchid Lady

Ahh right, gardening related then?  I didn't know.



Good luck with your tests Joel - are you planning to become a professional gardener? 


There was a time when almost every fisherman's garden was full of the stuff,after a days fishing it was frowned upon if you threw any unused hemp into the the water so we all took it home and youv guessed the rest ,i think in the end most fishing lakes /rivers banned it. good old days.


Some years ago I led a geology fieldtrip which included a small quarry in Wiltshire.  It was well overgrown so I let the 'boys'(mostly over the age of 50) beat a path in through the nettles.  When I reached the rock face they were all standing with their backs to it and gazing at an interesting little 'garden' in the centre.  Most of them seemed to know exactly what was growing there but I hadn't a clue. I did make them leave it alone and turn their attention to what we had really come to look at. The 'gardener' would have enough of a shock when he returned.

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