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Hello there everyone,

I'm a newcomer to adding comments but have the GW email and have dipped into reading the forum. I have spent more time recently because I can't get into the garden as much.
I have loved reading about your gardens and have sat nodding to myself and smiling. I love my garden and I too "suffer" from a weakness of being unable to walk away from bargain plants thinking I am bound to find somewhere for them.
I often wait to see what mystery seedlings are, giving them chance and moving them (or not) if they turn out to be self seeded surprises. I have a mixture of all sorts-shrubs, trees, perennials, annuals etc.
I too see a bare patch of soil and wonder what I can fill it with. I have bought things many a time and wandered round pot in hand to see where I can squeeze it in.
Love to see all your photos too!
Fingers crossed for better weather,

Hi Nola and welcome. Everyone on here are friendly and some are very knowledgeable about gardening which is a great help. I am like you, I find it hard to ignore bargin plants or plants that I haven't got, then wonder where I will put them, I can always find room something else. Here is picture of some of my summer bedding. This picture is from last years display, unfortunately this year it doesn't look so bright, because of all the rain everything has been so battered.

 We are all hoping for some good weather just hope it comes soon. 


Hello Nola, Perhaps if we all wish together it might just stop raining. I,ve become a  sprinter instead of my prefered mode of peacefully pottering. Good for the waist line but not the temperament.

Im a sucker for the reduced plants at the garden centre, was given a gift token for my birthday so came away with loads i could either split up or take cuttings from. You can always find room for 1 more plant is my thinking. Luckily i have several friends who buy similar things so we always swap around so end up with lots of different things.People who garden are good people

I like to grow individual plants to their best and not overrun by their neighbours. Tender perennials like aeoniiums, salvia patens, choc cosmos, pennisetum rubrum, etc., hellebores, echinaceas, and always wanting to get latest plants. Mir you like dahlias try honka a simple open yellow dahlia quite unlike any other and grow it with veronicas and salvias. I like the garden to be neat in the winter. I cut back in the autumn to reclaim gardens structure which is lost in summer frothiness. No cottage garden for me but no bare earth either. Don't like annuals in garden, except in pots



I grow all types of plants in my garden, shrubs to give height and structure, climbing roses, clematis, jasmine, both golden and the usual form. I love the cottage garden plants, and infill with annuals as I don't like to see bare soil. The more plants the better. I also like to plant in colour drifts. At the moment I have a mauve through to pink part of the border that I think works very well and on the other side white Shasta daisies, with lime green tobacco plants and a few cosmos peeping through. A garden is a very personal thing and there are no rights or wrongs, everyone should plant whatever gives them pleasure, they are all beautiful in their own way. I also have various pots, about 70 at the last count, I just see a different plant and can't resist. The only trouble is what to do when you go away for a few days. I rely on a very good neighbour to water for me..

My OH is the cuttings man, I just ask him to do them and he has a good success rate, so much so that he takes far too many so we always have a few to give away. its nice to be able to share.

Lavender Lady

I am another plantaholic, just cannot resist a bargain plant.  We have had lots of plant sales recently where I live in Suffolk.  My local village has one every year to raise money for cancer research and it has just grown and grown in popularity and this year raised £1200.  I always donate plants to them every year as do all the other local gardeners and a couple of local nurseries donated quite a few young trees and plants. 

I love cottage gardens, I find them so peaceful and natural looking.  My garden is very small and I have the cottage garden theme and I just love to sit out there (when it is not raining) and enjoy the insects getting as much pleasure as I am from the garden.  I plant for bees and insects.  My colour scheme is pink, blues, mauves and at the moment the Shasta daisies are doing very well and bring that much needed light into the garden (although they have got very, very tall).  I feel sad that it is now August and that we haven't been able to enjoy the garden this year as much as we would normally but as all gardeners I am already looking at seeds to plant in the greenhouse to grow for next year.  I have a beautiful pink rose called Festive Jewel which I bought three years ago as a bare root rose from Peter Beales.  I has been an absolute star this summer.  I have been deadheading all the poor rain soaked flowers and it has just kept producing more and more buds.  Most of the other roses have been cut back as they are finished ( I am hoping they will have another flush later on).  Enjoy your gardens everyone and lets hope the sun shines for us all


My garden is esentially herbaceous perennials. We are surrounded by fields so get loads of weeds which are the bane of my life  I try to pack things in so there is no earth showing and do all my own propagation  Because of where I live, I don't have frosts so I don't have a lot of bareness in the winter 

I am also a cram it in gardener. As someone already said, it also saves on the weeding. I have a gravel garden at the front and originally wanted spaced out individual plants and shrubs and put some hollyhocks and foxgloves in the corner. Over time these seeded and I now have cottage garden!

By the way, being new to this forum I don't know how to add photos. Can anyone help? There are some fantastic photos in this post.

We are hoping to go to a plant fair and open gardens this weekend at Market Rasen, Lincolnshire. I love looking around other peoples gardens, you can learn so much and it's nice to be able to share their ideas and knowledge. I love to see behind houses into the back gardens, there are some real treasures out there and  people are very generous in allowing the public to look round.

Thank you everyone who had let me look into your gardens through your photos.

I hope lindapalmara gets some help with adding her photos soon, I  can post my photos but I have to crop to fit and it ends up a bit grainy, so some one out there must know a better way than me.




@ Linda, to add a photo, click the 3rd icon from the right on  #Here# the tool bar above, it looks like a tree and then just select your image off your hard drive, it will upload it and resize it for you.

Not sure I have any nice photos from this year.

I like a really full cottage garden bursting with colour and scent, right here in the middle of London. Nothing too regimented, normally no spare soil. i dont have meny shrubs and its a bit bare in the winter, but normally from april to October its pretty special.

I have just come in from a couple of hours in the garden tonight, collected a bucket full of snails, ripped out a load of nasturtiums as they were becoming triffids. Staked all my glads, although only 2 are thinking about budding, looking longingly at my day lilies willing them to do something, pleading the rust, mildew, black spot, leaf cutter bees, slugs, snails and the vile weevil would bog off. (actually found a vine weevil tonight first time, normally i just get their hideous sprogs)  And have covered the place in slug pellets as my alstroemerias who normally flower they socks off for 6 months of the year, now the first flush of flowers is over the new shoots are just getting mowed down by the snails.

Thanks for the help and information Sparklepiniksunflower.  I will try that. 

Glads!!!  you are lucky to see anything.  I bought 100 summer flowering bulbs this year and I can only see traces of greenery from half a dozen.  Mind you some are in a corner which has been virtually water logged this summer!  Probably rotting away somewhere under there!


I garden in London and all plants I buy have to be wildlife friendly so what I have ended up with is a lovely cottage garden effect with a mini meadow.  I try to keep clear of plants that attract snails but as I love the open flowered Dahlia's,  I scatter organic slug pellets and I have to say they have been very successful.





I have taken a few more photos this morning as the sun is out at the moment.










 I have used a different camera and found it a lot easier to upload. I have used a lot more bedding begonias this year in pots as I did't want to risk losing Busy Lizzie's to the virus as I did last year, and I am pleased with the results!.

Enjoy your day

Lavender Lady

Very pretty garden and the pots and baskets are doing well and looking beautiful.  You are lucky to have sun today, we have rain here today in Suffolk. 



Some lovely gardens on here:  Here is my garden, sorry about the clothes airer in the middle of the shots my hubby should have removed it!! 









Lovely garden hilaryjones1. I love the photo of Riley (hope I've got it right) with his garden,  you can't start them too young.

I don't suppose your husband even noticed the clothes drier, it's a man thing. My husband never notices anything unless he trips over it.

Thanks for your kind comments I love to garden - yes you were quite correct my grandsons name is Riley ????
Best wishes Hilary
Sorry don't know why the question marks appeared lol

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