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I moved in to my house last year and the garden had been neglected. I recovered the front lawn and am now focusing on the back. Most of it has recovered using feed and weed with moss killer but one patch about 3 meters square will not grow. It is at the bottom of a slight slope and only gets the sun in the early evening. I have airiated it with a fork and found that it was very compacted so I have brushed in some lawn sand and my next job is to reseed it, but what seed would be best:- general purpose or shady area. I don't want a bowling green, just something decent looking.

Thanks all.


It doesn't sound like the best spot for grass but you've done the right things to improve it, so I 'd go for the shady stuff Pauline.  I'd do that if I wanted grass in that situation  

Thanks fairygirl, I would like grass so will give it a try.

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