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I did go a bit overboard with aquilegia seeds this summer.20 packets from the national collection(touchwood), half planted this year, up and waiting to be pricked out. Half waiting to be sown.I am going to prick them out into 3 inch pots, plant out into the veg patch after the broad beans come out, and then select my favourites when they flower. Most are yellow and orange doubles and poms poms, I suspect there will be many spare.

Pulmonaria blue ensign is a beauty but my obsession this year, as it is every year: geraniums! So many varieties and, oh, their evening glow! CAN'T WAIT


I really think next years obsession is going to be Dahlias and Osteospermum whirligig with coneflowers


Hi Verdun,

I have a Var Day lily bought because it was different, called Kwanso about 4 seasons ago. it has not been a great grower, as it throws up pure cream leaves which wither away.

It does not flower very well either!

As for the green leaved varieties they grow like weeds for me, but they are difficult to pot up to sell  at the plant sales, so I have given up trying!


Jimmy, try golden zebra.  In good soil it is superb 



2013 was the year of the Michaelmas daisy for me. Hadn't been tempted much before as you have to wait so long for them. Planted 7 varieties I hadn't got and it was worth the wait. Also planted 3 more pulmonarias that I bought in England, only had one before. Don't see them in the French GCs. They grow wild here so conditions should be OK.

Don't know what it will be for 2014, not much room left anyway.

Hardy fushias. Plants always have the last word , they never seem to grow well in back garden so allowed as couple in the front, even though they don't really fit into the colour scheme. Have grown well but fancy packing a few more into small gaps. Then the challenge will be pinching out .....Haven't quite got my head round this yet!

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