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I am new to gardening and so would appreciate any advice please! I turfed a few metres square of grass to make a flower bed in my new garden. The grass is quite mossy. I don't want to put it elsewhere on the lawn. I read that it I turn the turfs over and store upside down for a year they will make good topsoil. Can I put them in the bottom of our compost bin? Our garden isn't huge so storing them somewhere isn't very practical. If I did store them, should they be out in the open or could I put them in a plastic garden bag/box? Many thanks.

I'm going to be lifting some turves for a new bed soon (or rather OH is )  I'm going to put them in the bottom of one of our wooden compost bins,


If you put them upside down in the compost bin, they will be fine. If you do find somewhere to stack them, turn them upside down and cover with black plastix to exclude light. They make lovely soil to use in potting mixes.

I agree - I've made some lovely compost from plastic covered turves.  Not the most attractive garden feature tho so in the Compost Bin is an excellent idea.


Agree with the above. I am a bit more impatient so I just buried the left over turf under the flower border, about 2 spade lengths deep. You are better to stack it to get the loam or to compost.

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