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Celia Rhodes


I have just received 20 nerine bowdenii bulbs in the post (Sunday 1/12).  Should I plant them in the garden/container now or should I store them in a frost free greenhouse in potting compost for planting next spring?



I'd plant them in their permanent home now.  

As I'm sure you know, they like a sunny well-drained spot and should be planted shallowly, with their necks above the surface, and they flower best when they're 'crowded'.  


If you put them outside now they will die. They love hot and dry, they wont get that in the winter in open ground.

Pot them up, keep completely dry dont water until they start to shoot.

I only put mine out, in their pots, when the weather is really warm, no rain, when they start to flower, i bring them in the conservatory, where they will bloom for ages.

We have grown these in this way for 20 years, thinning them out every 4 or 5 years when they really are looking silly pot bound.

We still have the same ones. So a really good buy if you look after them well.

Alina W

Depends where the original poster lives - nerines don't like frost. If you want to grow them outside, plant in a very sheltered place and put a cover or hefty mulch on them to protect them over winter; clear it off them in spring.

Patsy F wrote (see)

Sounds like really sound advice to me.  I intend buying nerines, as they are great for autumn colour.  When is the best time to actually buy them, Lyn?

If you buy on line, they will supply them at planting time. which is about now.

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