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I've more than enough room on the allotment to grow veg which has left the three beds at home free. 

I've decided one will be a strawberry patch, you can never have enough strawberries.

There is a small herb garden so wouldn't want any more herbs. I was thinking flowers to cut or a salad patch for one bed with radish, spring onions and real lettuce like little gem. 

What would you grow, idea's welcome...



How far away is the allotment Zoomer? if it is a distance away then I would grow salad at home because they always taste best when pulled fresh and eaten straight away.


Busy Bee2

Yes, and with salad, sometimes you just want to make a sandwich with some, so you wouldn't go all the way for the allotment for a handful.


I would make a salad patch, an asparagus bed and a strawberry bed. All have been said, but that's my choice.



Plus globe artichokes

The allotment is a 5 min walk but wouldn't want to go if it was raining just for radish and spring onions.

Strawberries and salad are looking like good choices for beds 1 and 2. The salad bed could double up as a nursery bed for biennials to over winter, I sow those in pots and plant out when a veg bed is cleared.

Asparagus sounds a good chioce for the third bed. My brother is growing asparagus for the first time this year, we could swap notes. It's ever so expensive in the shops, I weighed a small bunch in Booths and if I got it right costs about £2. How difficult is it to grow?

Not so sure about globe artichokes, don't think I've ever eaten one, come to think about it I don't think they appear in the shops often or is that because I'm not looking for them . Are they grown from a tuber and the plant grows quite tall?



Globe artichokes are a large (6') short lived perennial. I read recently that they are very good for you especially to fight off old age. You get them as cuttings and plant out late May.

artjak - Just checked artchokes on line and me thinks I've been digging up artichoke tubers for fun for the past couple of months on the allotment. I didn't know what they were but remember pulling out some dead plants about 6ft tall in February .

Dug more up today, they seem to grow even on a fraction of the tuber. These will have been in the ground a few years, if I dig up what's left and move them to a new spot will they be ok to grow from.  

I don't know about them fighting off old age but digging them up does       

Excitable Boy

Zoomer - those sound like Jerusalem artichoke, not globe. Fine to move, but put some chickenwire below them when you replant so that you can get them all out!

Definitely Jerusalem artichokes. Don't think even related, but very good for you.  I took every bit out I thought, but immediately back as strong as ever and all through the gooseberries.  A total pest.  Chicken wire sounds good but ........  They can have quite pretty yellow daisies .....


I agree with salad, asparagus and strawberries. 

Maybe also courgettes or runner beans? I found that when they were cropping,  if I didnt get to the allotment for a few days, the courgettes would be marrows and the beans huge and woody before getting picked. They also take a lot of watering in the summer, which is easier when you're at home than trekking to the allotment.


Globe Artichokes are my least favourite veg to grow. Huge plants, then the artichoke takes forever to cook, and peel all the fiddly little leaves and then doesn't taste of much anyway. But maybe thats just me 

Just checked out the difference between globe and Jerusalem artichokes...and...I won't be growing Jerusalem artichokes. Globe artichokes sound like they can be grown at the back of a flower boarder though.

Tetley - Scented flowers sounds good, I always like to have a vase of flowers indoors for those wet and windy days when you can't get out in the garden.

PoddingtonP - I think I'll be disciplined in going down to the plot for veg and stuff mid week, if need be I'll go after work and keep some wellies in the car. The courgette/squash bed is already prepared.


Jerusalem artichokes give you terrible wind!



I believe Jerusalem Artichokes are related to the Sunflower (girasol/jerusalem). The Globe Artichoke would make a fabulous architectural plant for the back of the border.

Poddington; artichokes are great for a diet as they are so fiddly, the effect slightly ruined by having home made mayo with them

I'm already growing bulb fennel on the allotment. The juries gone out on whether to grow artichokes.

Thanks for your helpful replies 

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