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I am dead against the social scene on the internet and do not do face book etc. I logged on this forum for gardening advice pure and simple.  Was astounded by the amount of upset on the other threads. Guys! It's an advice forum! Most of you don't even know each other. Just stick to gardening, don't get too involved. Lifes too short. 


No FB here either.  

If you don't like two threads doing the same thing either stick to one or create another.  If you don't like a particular clique then create your own thread.  If you don't like what's being said then don't listen and don't come back.  

Some like to chat. Thats fine. Lifes too short.

I only ever read the gardening questioons so have no idea what is going on elsewhere.



Yep.  I chat with friends face to face or via email.  Don't use Facebook or twitter or  texts and don't do the chat threads.  I'm here for the gardening.  It is a gardening forum after all.


But at present it is hard to find a gardening question, i'm trying!



Matty 2, I think you should look on the other forums.  This is more of a chatty Forum, it is called Talkback after all.

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