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ERIC FREEZER wants to know what weedkiller he can use in an area where bulbs are.


Eric using any weedkiller where bulbs are right now will damage bulb foliage now emerging.  At the best of time it will be difficult to use weedkiller indiscriminately.

I would employ a mixture of hand digging and spot spraying with glyphosate which kills down to the roots.

Oh!  That went well.

Eric, I think my answer is the best  way.  Good luck 


Eric can use glyphosate in the bulb area once the bulbs have died down completely.  That is when the foliage has died off and disappeared.

Now is certainly not the time to be using it anyway.


In tight areas I use glyphosate in a small spray bottle (old cleaning liquid bottle like the one below) and use a piece of cardboard (or similar) to shield any "good" plants next to the weed. It's fiddly, but works well! But best to wait till the weeds are actively growing.




I'd wait until all the bulbs have died down, then fork the area over well, removing any weeds, and then fertilize with bonemeal and replant.  After a while the bulbs need splitting up and rejuvenating anyway.

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