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acres and acres-thousands and thousands and thousands of--------------pink and white phlox in a japanese park. gives a whole new perspective on japanese gardening



Mmmmmmmmmm  Looks like an explosion in a marshmallow factory


Might look interesting from the moon


They'll probably give it the Turner prize....the made (flower)bed.



An example of repeat planting?  I said an example of repeat planting.

Orchid Lady

Lol at Chicky, that's exactly what I thought.......all those E numbers 



Short season of interest there

Well, it's

Not much more to add really : )

jelly flood!!!!anyone else watch a lot of ben and holly?


 Rosemummy - that one has passed me by.  My two watched Thomas, Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles and Postman Pat.  Now there was a programme- Greendale was a lovely green place - definitely not pink

There do seen to be a lot of  sightseers there though.  Imagine if they all take that as their inspiration for their own gardens.  The mind boggles


if that was green manure it would be great for a year or two,cant do pink

gardenning granny

of fidget, you are a wag!

but think of all the peole that must have been on their hands and knees (and bumpsy daisies) to get it in place.


You could be right gardenning granny but I wonder if they have a high- tech machine that can do it.  Just thinking of seeing the huge planting machines I've seen on Countryfile.  Agree that fidget somehow comes up with brill out of the box comments


a pink phlox festival for fuji

Busy Bee2

Personally I would prefer to see Scottish moors covered in heather. 

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